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Race Kingdom Launches Second Batch of Camel NFTs


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Race Kingdom will launch its alpha gameplay in the first quarter of 2023. Price in secondary market can go up to 120x.

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February 17, Dubai, UAE: Race Kingdom, a Metaverse racing game platform established by Omar Gull, is proud to announce the launch of its second batch of camel NFTs. Blockchain-powered digital racing creatures like camels, horses, and snails are rightfully called the breathing NFTs of the generation. Through blockchain-based genetics, they have unique traits, ancestry, and statistics, making them the perfect addition to any collector’s portfolio.

The second batch of Camel NFTs consists of 999 meticulously crafted and designed NFTs that are unique in terms of their 3D visuals and genetic profile, which plays a significant role in game races and breeding. Their uniqueness is further enhanced through the combination of four rarities with four genera they fall under and their performance attributes in the game.

The NFTs can be used as a PFP, as well as have immense utility within the upcoming game:

  • Game rewards access;
  • Racing tournaments;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Breeding and renting opportunities.

The Camel NFTs will be available on OpenSea on March 2, 2023. A floor price in the primary market for these camels gives access to a mystery box: an ultra-rare camel with the highest values for all four attributes could return investments by almost 120x in the secondary market.

Race Kingdom is a Metaverse camel racing game with a simplified concept and onboarding process. It eliminates the stress of usual Web3 gaming: going through several platforms, getting NFTs separately in a marketplace, connecting wallets, etc. Camel Racing is said to go back to the 7th century CE. It is widely practiced across the region of Arabia during ceremonies, social gatherings, and for sport, and now Race Kingdom brings a tale as old as time into the web3 for the world to enjoy.

The new Metaverse will bring a wide range of NFT creatures and racing arenas for a multilingual metaverse experience and will be available to all users in multiple languages, including, but not limited to, English, Arabic, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. The game is income-generating and has its own in-game token called $ATOZ. It acts as both a game’s native currency and an independent token with out-of-game value.

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“We are thrilled to offer fans and collectors the chance to own a piece of the exciting world of Race Kingdom. We have accomplished the two key milestones per our roadmap – the launch of a native token $ATOZ and now the launch of camel NFTs. We look forward to rolling out the alpha gameplay this quarter. Our tech team has been working hard developing the game and different race tracks. I believe blockchain gaming has a huge potential and will play a tremendous role in wider web3 and crypto adoption,”Omar Gull, founder and CEO of Race Kingdom.

About Omar Gull

CEO and Co-founder of Race Kingdom, Omar is an award-winning marketing professional who specialises in strategy, international marketing, sales and business development.

About Race Kingdom

Race Kingdom is an upcoming metaverse-based income-generating game. Unlike other blockchain games, it is built by gamers for gamers and will have a multilingual highly-immersive experience with a wide range of NFT creatures and different arenas. Race Kingdom will launch its alpha gameplay in the first quarter of 2023.



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