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Ripple Hiring Engineers Despite Facing Lawsuit, Bucking Crypto Industry Layoffs Trend Again


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The company has at least 77 roles open, with 34 focused on engineering.

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Amid massive industry-wide layoffs, Ripple continues its hiring spree, again focusing on engineering.

“We’re looking for talented engineers to shape the future with us,” Ripple wrote in a tweet today urging the public to check out its open engineering roles.

Its careers page revealed that the firm has at least 77 open roles, with 34 of these roles in the engineering department. The company is looking to fill several positions in multiple regions across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Meanwhile, the company reveals that candidates do not require previous blockchain experience, asserting that it can provide the right mentorship and support for such candidates to learn on the job.

Ripple’s call for applications comes as industry peers continue to cut costs, with January recording over 2,800 job cuts, per CoinGecko research. It is the second-largest industry monthly total on record, following the over 3,000 jobs slashed in June in the wake of the Terra ecosystem collapse. Notably, crypto exchanges made up 84% of the January total, tapping declining trading volumes and revenue as precipitating factors.

It is not the first time Ripple has bucked the bear market trend. As reported last October, the company disclosed an interest in filling about 150 open positions. All of these come despite increased regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. and its extended legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Unsurprisingly, crypto community members, particularly XRP community members, have excitedly welcomed today’s announcement. This is because the ability of companies to continue hiring and expanding during difficult market conditions speaks volumes of the strength of their balance sheet and corporate strategy.

Recall that Ripple was featured in FORTUNE’s list of 100 best medium places to work, with 95% of employees asserting it is a great place to work. In addition, it recently ranked as the fourth best place for parents to work.

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