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RenQ Finance (RENQ) Raises $1m! Investors Rush In To Buy Presale


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Surrounding the crypto market is gloom and fear that many digital assets won’t recover after a prolonged bear market.

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But one phenomenal asset is breaking the trend and setting the pace – RenQ Finance is becoming the go-to asset for the season, the token has surpassed the one million dollar mark in funds raised despite being at its early phase of launch.

RENQ is attracting so much capital because it possesses a rich value proposition and potential reward abilities.

While many assets are struggling to recover or even take aim at reaching previous highs, RenQ Finance is going on an upwardly mobile journey even at its presale.

RenQ aims to connect all isolated blockchains in the DeFi space and establish a cross-chain network to serve as a platform for exchanging digital assets while providing the required support necessary for the DeFi ecosystem. Users can now enjoy a truly decentralized and efficient experience while engaging DeFi services on the RenQ platform.

RENQ Tokenomics

RENQ is an ERC-20 token that governs the RenQ ecosystem. Its total supply is set at one billion units; a feature that gives it a market edge in that the limited numbers make it receive high demand which ultimately affects the price positively (the higher the demand for an asset, the higher its value).

Public Sale is expected to release 500,000,000 units into circulation.

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The RenQ Pool, RenQ Vault, RenQ Farm, and Exchange Listing will each own 10%.

RenQ team as well as Liquidity will retain 5% each.



RenQ is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO); it functions with a financial democracy approach that aims to make a rich community of users and it is for everyone who believes in a decentralized future of finance. Its governance is not an exclusive reserve of the developers’ team like a host of other crypto tokens.

The goal of the RENQ DAO is to decentralize the Renq community while also encouraging its growth and innovation. Participate actively in the ecosystem. If you join the RENQ DAO, you will become an integral part of the Renq Ecosystem and will have the opportunity to interact with various communities, developers, professionals, and projects.

The team behind RenQ comprises experienced, skillful experts and specialists that cuts across the field of blockchain networks, engineers, and entrepreneurs from all across the globe.

The team which has a long-term orientation will expand its workforce as the business grows; talented individuals and knowledgeable veterans will be brought on board to further this course.

Investors are Buying RENQ Token

Even at its second presale phase, there is massive capital flowing into the token from investors who believe it is reaching for the moon (a term to mean that its price value will continue to reach higher figures).

In just a few days of the presale, a total that exceeds forty-seven million units of RENQ token has been bought by investors, bringing its total sale capital to about $1,006,000 and this is on the back of its current price being $0.025 per unit.

With its next presale phase around the corner, Investors should take advantage of the upcoming presale phase of the RENQ token to potentially profit greatly from its promising prospects. The price per unit of RENQ is predicted to reach $0.030 by the third presale phase, making early buyers at the current presale stage profitable.

This is a crypto you should not miss out on.

Click Here to Buy RenQ Finance (RENQ) Tokens.

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