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XRP Enthusiast Highlights How XRP Could Hit $17


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The XRP aficionado highlighted that the situation is purely hypothetical.

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XRP’s breakthrough to a $7 or a $17 price point could come on the back of an SEC settlement that involves the incineration of half of Ripple’s escrowed tokens, according to pseudonymous XRP influencer NerdNationUnbox. However, he noted that the situation is purely hypothetical and barely feasible.

According to him, should the U.S. SEC demand that Ripple burn half of the tokens currently in escrow as part of the settlement terms for the ongoing litigation, XRP could skyrocket to $7.4 upon attaining Ethereum’s market cap and $17.42 if it ever reaches the market cap of Bitcoin.


The values were reached by the crypto analytics tool, MarketCapOf. MarketCapOf allows investors to glimpse an asset’s value if it attains the market cap of another token, given specific criteria. Nonetheless, NerdNationUnbox warned that it is only hypothetical.

Ripple Settlement With SEC

Moreover, the chances of the SEC v. Ripple case ending in a settlement are rather slim, much less a settlement that involves burning escrowed tokens. Attorney John Deaton has repeatedly stressed that a settlement before a court ruling is highly unlikely. Deaton added this as one of his predictions for this year.

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Nonetheless, the lawyer recently noted that Ripple could pay up to $250M as a settlement if the Commission publicly agrees that the current and future sales of XRP are not regarded as securities. However, he believes the SEC will not make such a declaration at this point that it is looking to bring the crypto industry under its control.

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