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XRPL Wallet GateHub Adds New Card Funding Options For EU Users


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The feature will likely expand to regions like the UK soon.

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GateHub has launched a card funding option for its XRP Ledger wallet.

The XRPL wallet and Gatehub disclosed this in a tweet yesterday, noting that it will be available to all Visa and MasterCard holders in the EU. It also offers users zero deposit fees using the option until April 1.

Unsurprisingly, the XRP community has received the news positively, with some wondering when it would be available in their regions. In response, GateHub Chief Executive Officer Enej Pungerčar has hinted that the platform plans to launch the same feature in the United Kingdom soon.

“Working on it,” Pungerčar wrote in response to a customer inquiry.

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GateHub launched as an XRP wallet in 2014. It has expanded to support other XRPL coins, allowing users to store and trade them. The wallet is available for desktops, with mobile apps set to launch soon. 

GateHub, aside from being easy to use, is unique as it offers support for fiat currencies. Notably, before the launch of this latest feature, the platform’s inbuilt fiat deposit options included SWIFT and SEPA, supporting currencies like USD, EUR, CNY, and JPY. However, these required users to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

Notably, per the GateHub website, the platform plans to launch a GateHub card to enable crypto payments soon.

Recall that GateHub announced an integration with Xumm wallet last November to allow Xumm users to access about 13 stablecoins provided by GateHub. The partnership will see the stablecoins used as on/off-ramps for Xumm users.

In addition, GateHub’s stablecoins are also utilized in Xumm’s latest XRPL-powered retail payment solution, as XRPL token payments are automatically converted to the retailer’s preferred GateHub stablecoin by a DEX.

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