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Capture Memories, Create Postcards, Earn PTS Tokens


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Planeteer Social is a self-evolving user generated library of Postcards, which arranges data in the most scientific manner in a way that the human brain finds it most relevant to fetch. Planeteer’s core element is the Planeteer Social Postcard. A postcard is like a post on any other social media platform. Planeteer Postcard consists of a location, an author, an image with description and a star rating.

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Whenever a user creates a Planeteer Social Postcard, Planeteer’s Artificial Intelligence system checks its location, whether or not it exists in the database. If it does not, the Planeteer system creates a new page for that particular location and if such a page already exists, the post is added on that page. With these elements, Planeteer arranges the received data in a scientific manner which creates a self-evolving library of all the places around the globe. And every postcard posted by an author adds more and more value to the system.

Whatever we say or write is classified in only three types, Emotion, Referral and Information. The postcard can be about anything. It is an eye-witnessed personal experience. The quality of a postcard depends on how much it is useful to the viewer. The perfect location, the quality and information the image delivers, meaningful and attractive title and the accuracy and usefulness of information given by the postcard makes it a quality post.


Planeteer Social uses a Hybrid reward system to reward its members with Planeteer Diamonds for each & every Postcard they create. Planeteer’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, automatically reviews each Postcard based on more than 10 parameters and assigns Planeteer Diamonds to every Postcard. These Planeteer Diamonds can then be utilized for various services on the Planeteer Social platform such as Market Place, Travel Bookings etc. Diamonds can also be converted to Planeteer Social PTS Token. The PTS token can then be traded with other users or exchanged on CEX for other digital assets like Bitcoin, BNB and Ethereum. In the near future, Planeteer will also offer a facility to purchase Planeteer Diamonds using the PTS tokens, thus enhancing the utility and value of the PTS token.

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Planeteer Social can also be referred to as a crypto based search engine and a social media platform for Locations, Environment and People. Planeteer Social mainly targets the travel & tourism industry. Planeteer Social PTS Token is a utility token of the Planeteer Social ecosystem and its applications. It is a cryptocurrency built to facilitate e-commerce in tourism and other industries and to reward Planeteers around the world for offering inspiration and relevant information to other Planeteers. For competing in the blockchain space, Planeteer and the PTS token are positioned to specifically service an industry worth trillions of dollars per year and growing.

Planeteer Social platform uses the latest technology such as Google Maps API & AWS and are also planning on implementing Web3 protocols in the Planeteer Social system.

planeteer.social website is already live and users can create Planeteer Postcards and also make use of various social media features such as Like, Views, Follow, Watch and many more. Other important features of Planeteer Social include Search, Chat, Market Place, Travel Bookings and much more. These advanced features will be made live progressively to enhance the utility and value of the PTS Token.

Currently Planeteer Social platform has more than 3K registered users, more than 40K beautiful Planeteer Postcards and have covered more than 1000 locations including 25 countries. Planeteer Social platform expects a steady growth in an organic way.

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Planeteer Social also has its own unique collection of Postcard NFTs. Every month a few selected Postcards are converted into NFTs and are sold on the Opensea NFT Market.

Planeteer has successfully completed a Public Sale at pinksale.finance. Planeteer now aims to launch its Planeteer Social PTS token on CEX in April 2023. With a well designed token vesting plan Planeteer aims to achieve a steady and progressive growth.

“The Tourism industry is about to undergo a revolution with the introduction of Planeteer Social. Explore the World with Planeteer Social”.

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