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Jack Dorsey Hints That He Buys Bitcoin Every Week


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The billionaire’s decentralized Twitter alternative recently launched on the Apple App Store.

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Jack Dorsey, chief executive officer of Block, has hinted that he adds to his Bitcoin holdings weekly.

The billionaire did this in a post on Nostr which stands for “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays,” a decentralized social network backed by Dorsey. In response to whether he employs the dollar cost averaging strategy to invest in the leading crypto asset by market cap, Dorsey responded in the affirmative.

“Yes. Every week is the same,” the former Twitter boss wrote. 

Notably,  the comment has received over 9,400 Satoshis (approximately 0.000094 BTC) on the protocol, which enables payments using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. 

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Source Nostr Protocols Amethyst

The latest revelation may come as no surprise to ardent followers of the Twitter co-founder as he has built a reputation for himself as a Bitcoin maximalist with the view that the cryptocurrency would replace the United States Dollar. Recall that Dorsey stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of Twitter to focus efforts on Block, a Fintech company focusing on Bitcoin solutions. 

In recent months, the tech billionaire appears to be focused on decentralized social networking platforms. He pointed out flaws with centralized platforms in a thread in December, throwing his weight behind Nostr protocol and supporting it with a 14 BTC donation worth about $240,000 at the time.

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At the same time, Dorsey has teased Bluesky, his decentralized Twitter alternative. The platform, which started as a Twitter project in 2019, has appeared on the Apple App Store, marking the billionaire’s re-entry into the social media industry. 

Notably, the app is in invite-only beta mode at the time of writing, with over 2,000 installations since Feb. 17, per a TechCrunch report.

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