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Terra Station Again Functioning as Intended for the Terra Classic Chain


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The wallet had been experiencing issues with reward withdrawals and transaction fetching for some time.

Terra Station, the dedicated wallet for the Terra ecosystem, is once again operating as intended for members of the Terra Classic community. 

Lunc Nymph, an independent Terra Classic validator, recently called public attention to the development, expressing gratitude to developers. Information from a shared snapshot suggested that the wallet processed the withdrawal of 500 LUNC to an external address.

Responding to Lunc Nymph, Joint Layer 1 Task Force senior developer Tobias “Zaradar” Andersen gave full credit to Terraform Labs staff Jared. He added that Jared did all the heavy lifting while his team members only provided pull requests.

Zaradar explained that updating a distributed system is a complex task that requires significant time and patience, especially when working in a decentralized or open-source environment where contributions may come from many different sources. He urged community members to be grateful for these efforts and exercise more patience.

Lunc Nymph had called attention to the Terra Station wallet issues two months back. The network validator highlighted difficulties when withdrawing rewards on the Android version of the mobile wallet and problems with retrieving data on recent transactions. The issues were attributed to deployment inconsistencies on the LCD and FCD components.

After a concerted effort to address the challenges, Lunc Nymph disclosed two days ago that developers had effectively resolved challenges pertaining to the swapping and staking of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC). Nonetheless, issues concerning the token transfer functionality remained.

It is worth noting that Jared also highlighted these issues in December, citing a lack of stable infrastructure.

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