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Complete Guide On Pundi X (NPXS)-What Problems It Solves-NPXS Price Prediction


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This article is about Pundi X, Its coin NPXS with comprehensive details.

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is a project in cryptocurrency world that focuses on payments with crypto. The project’s mission is to make buying and selling of cryptocurrency as easy as buying a bottle of water.

The project aims to make it possible for anyone to purchase crypto quickly and ensure that people everywhere can pay with crypto through the XPOS of Pundi X.

Pundi X team hopes that their XPOS technology would one day provide essential banking services to Africa, Latin America, and Asia that are underdeveloped.

Pundi X has delivered smart point-of-sale devices to hundreds of retailers so that they can effortlessly collect payments from consumers in their retail stores. User pay in the shape of NPXS token that is a primary token of Pundi X.

That is a great idea and will work perfectly well if Pundi X can minimize transaction costs and provide smart point-of-sale devices to thousands of retailers free of charge, to enhance Pundi X network and usage.

Merchant token ico

Pundi X’s concept is excellent, and their main target is undeveloped countries where 69 percent of the population do not use banks. If Pundi X can attract such a vast population by providing easy-to-use technology, they can go massive.


NPXS is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC 20 token. NPXS coin has a circulation supply of 236,519,288,706.

NPXS is an ERC20 token so that it can be stored on any ERC20 wallet like Trust wallet, atomic wallet, Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, etc

Pundi X all-time high price is $0.01446299. This ATH NPXS price was achieved in May 2018. The all-time low price of the NPXS coin is $0.00007686 (March 2020). The daily trading volume of NPXS coin is $44,525,059.

NPXS is traded on the different crypto exchanges, including Binance. Others are Bithumb, Upbit, and Digifinex.

Pundi X ICO Review

Pundi X ICO was very successful in 2017. They were able to raise 34 million dollars by selling 35,000,000,000 NPXS coins (PXS at the time of ICO).

In the Pundi X ICO, the team retained 15,650,100 NPXS coins. 1,590,000 NPXS coins were distributed among the early investors. For marketing and Development purposes, 200,000,000 coins are set apart. For bounty programs on social media, another 3% was set aside.

The total hard cap for Pundix ICO was $35 million, Where 1 NPXS coin (PXS at the ICO) ico price was $2.1. Pundi X ico minimum purchase limit was 0.1 ETH, but there was no maximum limit.

 How Pundi X Work?

As mentioned, Pundi X is working on an easy way for consumers and retailers to use crypto. They do this utilizing the XPOS device known as the point of sale device (POS). This is a kind of wireless ATM.

The device has two screens, one for the retailer and one for the consumer. The retailer can indicate how much must be paid, and the consumer can then pay this with his XPASS card that transfers the NXPS coin from the consumer to the retailer, and the transaction is successful in seconds.

It is possible to buy/sell more than just NXPS coins through the XPOS system. Thanks to the X wallet that the project developed in a mobile wallet, you can store multiple crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Binance coin.

The project is ambitious. The project intends to have at least 100,000 XPOS devices released into the world by February 2021. This means that you can purchase products with NXPS coin in 100,000 stores. This is a considerable amount, and if they succeed, it is expected to work out well for the Pundi X price.

On October 10, 2018, Pundi X announced the XPhone, the first blockchain phone. The idea behind this phone is the integration of blockchain and crypto. Using the XPhone, blockchain is getting closer to the consumer in everyday life.

The phone runs on the latest version of the Pundi X blockchain called FunctionX. Because the phone can be put in “blockchain mode,” it is possible to use the phone as a Node on Pundi X’s network.

In addition to the connection with XPOS, the phone’s operating system is based on Android 9.0. This makes it not only suitable as a blockchain phone, but it is also possible for developers to develop standard android applications for the phone.

Merchant token ico

Pundi X Wallet

Pundi X team has made X wallet for all Pundi X users to smoothly perform offline and online transactions. It is a blockchain wallet for everyone.

Users of X wallet can access many services from different decentralized apps (Dapps). Users can buy and sell multiple digital assets via XPOS in X wallet. In Telegram, without any fees, Users can send and receive digital assets.

Pundi X wallet also allows you to pair your X wallet with your XPASS so that you can comfortably handle your digital assets and transfer them between different XPASS cards. ALL X wallet users can send and receive digital funds between them without any fees.

Pundi X wallet also provides private wallet features. Users of Pundi X wallet take control of their assets with non-custodial options. These private wallets include a Samsung wallet for blockchain, Pundi X savings powered by MEW, and support MEW connect. Binance wallet for blockchain.

Pundi X wallet has its app on android and iOS. Visit Pundi X wallet Andriod or Pundi X wallet Apple.

Where To Buy Pundi X

The best place to buy NPXS coin is Binance. Binance has proved to be the best crypto exchange. They are leading the cryptocurrency exchange market. The reason is that the Binance team is highly committed to their aim to become the top crypto exchange.

Binance is not just an exchange for trading cryptocurrency. They provide hundreds of other options so that their users can benefit from cryptocurrencies. The popular options of Binance are Binance savings, where Binance users can earn interest by staking their crypto. Binance launchpad where users can participate in initial exchange offering (IEO).

On the Binance exchange, you can buy Pundi X against USDT and ETH. AT the time of writing, Binance does not have NPXS/BTC pair.

If you are interested in buying Pundi X against South Korean WON (NPSX/KRW), then the best place is UPBIT, which is also one of the best crypto exchanges.

Bithumb exchange has a sound reputation in the cryptocurrency market. Here you can buy Pundi X against KRW.

To buy NPXS on a decentralized exchange, the best option is Uniswap, where you can buy NPXS against ETH. (NPXS/ETH).

To buy Pundi X against BTC, the best option is Huobi Global, Kucoin, HitBtc.

For Indian users interested in buying Pundix, they can easily NPXS coin on the Wazir X exchange.

Other exchanges where you can buy NPXS coin are:

  • Digifinex
  • Resfinex
  • Bitrue
  • NovaDAX
  • Hotbit
  • WazirX
  • Bittrex
  • BitBNS
  • VCC Exchange
  • CoinEx
  • Indodax

How To Buy Pundi X

Buying an NPSX coin is a simple task. The easy way is to buy NPXS is on crypto exchanges.

To buy Pundi X, you need to have BTC, ETH, or USDT in your account. You can buy any BTC, ETH, or USDT against your local currency. As I mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency exchanges are not for only cryptocurrency trading. They provide a bunch more features to facilitate their customers and to stay in the competition.

All top exchanges allow you to buy BTC, ETH, or USDT against your local currency by connecting your bank account with the exchange or buying connecting your Debit or Credit cards with the exchange. Once you have BTC, ETH, or USDT in your account, you can very quickly convert them to buy NPXS coins.

Binance is leading when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies. We all know that many countries don’t allow crypto trading, so if you belong to such countries, you cannot connect your bank account with exchanges to purchase crypto against your local currency.

To solve this problem, Binance has introduced the Binance Peer-To-Peer exchange. On Binance, P2P exchange vendors from all over the world are buying and selling cryptocurrencies. You need to select vendors that belong to your country. Pay them in your local currency and get BTC, ETH, or USDT to buy NPXS coin. You pay your local vendor in your local currency, and they will give you your desired cryptocurrency on Binance. It is as simple as that.

But in selecting a vendor on P2P, you have to be careful to avoid any scams as the exchange is not directly involved in buying and selling crypto. You have to see the vendor profile, how many ratings he possesses, how many trades he has completed before transferring any amount to the vendor.

Other great P2P exchanges are Local Bitcoins and Paxful.

To buy NPXS coin on Binance, you need to have USDT or ETH.

Go to “Trade” from the top menu on Binance and then go to “Advanced.”

Select NPXS/ETH or NPXS/USDT trading pair from the top left side of the screen.

There will be a “Place order” tab on the right of the Binance trading portal.

Enter the price of NPXS at which you want to buy the Pundi X coin.

In the “Total” section, enter the amount you want to buy NPXS coin, suppose 100 USDT or 0.5 ETH.

You can also enter the amount of NPXS coins you want to buy in the “Amount” section. Suppose 100, 1000 NPSX coins. The exchange will automatically calculate how much it will cost you to buy a certain amount of NPXS coins.

Now press the “Buy” button.

Your order will be shown in “open orders” at the bottom of the page until it gets filled.

Once your order gets filled, you will become an owner of NPXS coins.

NPXS Price prediction

NPXS coin was launched in 2018 with launching price of $0.0011. Because of strong and appealing idea NPXS coin price gained strong momentum and reached all time high of $0.0144 in May 2018.

After such a tremendous growth, some correction was expected, so the price of NPXS coin kept on falling and reached as low as $0.00007686 in May 2020.

NPXS ico price was around 2.3 USD. Launching price was around 0.0011 usd, it gave investors bog loss and community was shocked and extremely annoyed with the project.

With time Pundi X is trying to regain users trust and built a strong community, and carry on with their project. They have not given up and are trying to grow every day.

The great thing is that Pundi X is conducting a survey to reduce their circulating supply from 258 billion to 258 million. If community decide that circulating supply should be reduced than the price of NPXS token will sky rocket.

Merchant token ico

  • Our NPXS price prediction for 2021 is $0.004 to $0.0021.
  • NPXS price prediction for 2022 is $0.0017 to $0.010.
  • NPXS price prediction for 2025 is above $1.

You must remember that these are our NPXS predictions, we are not financial advisors and no one knows where the price of NPXS will eventually go. You must do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

If you want to invest in Pundi X, invest only what you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrency is always a gamble, and it is up to you how you deal with it. In our case, Pundi X is certainly an interesting investment for your portfolio especially if Pundi X circulating supply is reduced from billions to millions.

Useful Resources

Pundi X Website

Pundi X Twitter

Pundi X Facebook

Pundi X Telegram

Pundi X Bitcointalk

Pundi X Reddit

Pundi X Reddit was created on January 13, 2018. Since then, Pundi X Reddit has 14.8K members, growing every day. It has not many members compared to subreddits of other coins, but still, Pundi X Reddit is active. Users are allowed to discuss anything related to Pundi X, XPOS, XPASS, NPXS, f(x) ecosystem XWALLET, but no one is allowed to discuss NPXS price. To discuss price, users have to join the Pundi X telegram.

Pundi X Reddit has a long list of moderators that are very active in assessing the posts. If you don’t follow Pundi X Reddit rules, you will be banned from posting in this subreddit.

In Pundi X Reddit, you can only discuss Pundi X-related topics, no price discussions, and no reposts. Before posing any content, you need to check whether it is posted before or not.

Pundi X Reddit is a great place to get in touch with the community, ask any question, and the Pundi X Reddit members will answer your questions that will help solve your problem.

Pundi X Future

Pundi X is far from dead. The project is not just alive, but it is progressing very well. They are continuously making partnerships in Asia and Africa to expand their XPOS devices for retailers and customers. Pundi X community has decided to decrease the supply of NPXS tokens from 2.5 billion to 2.5 million. Such a decrease will surely increase the price of NPXS coins, attracting traders and crypto lovers.

In the Pundi X roadmap, the team plans to enable crypto payments from decentralized exchanges on XPOS and add buying of crypto from the decentralized wallet on XPOS. The team is adding DEFI features and functionalities on XPOS, Increasing the XPOS distribution in Africa and Asia, Bringing Xpay and loyalty programs for online merchants and e-business.

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