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TerraCVita To Launch a LUNC Wallet, Shares Terraport Progress


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The development group assured the community that the wallet’s development is not impacting the progress of the much-anticipated Terraport project.

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TerraCVita, an autonomous Terra Classic development group, announced today the imminent launch of a crypto wallet for use on the Terra Classic network. The group disclosed that the wallet development had reached its final phase.

According to the announcement, the development team faced multiple challenges during the wallet’s code release process. However they have successfully resolved these issues, but the impediment has caused a delay in the testing phase. 

TerraCVita noted that work on the wallet would resume once the developers are satisfied that the Terra Classic infrastructure and the layer-1 code work together correctly. This step is crucial to ensure the wallet can seamlessly interact with the Terra Classic blockchain and function optimally within the existing technical framework.

Besides these, the group has not disclosed anything else about the ongoing wallet development. Nonetheless, they assured the community that the wallet’s development is not impeding the progress of the much-anticipated Terraport project. Terraport remains one of the most eagerly awaited projects in the community due to its promised features.

Progress on Terraport

Accordingly, TerraCVita has periodically updated the community on the project’s development process. Four days ago, the group shared some good news on their progress, announcing that all swap tests on Terraport were completed without a hitch. This disclosure indicates that the project is functioning as intended.

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As previously reported, Rex “Rexyz” Harrison, a senior member of TerraCVita, revealed last month that the ultimate goal of the Terraport project is to support the Terra Luna Classic  (LUNC) burn initiative and concurrently attract investments into the ecosystem. The project is expected to come with a dedicated Terra Classic decentralized exchange (DEX).

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