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Team Behind P2E Game on Terra Classic Gets Support to Use TerraCVita Endpoints


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Garuda Nodes team behind the new play-to-earn (P2E) game on the Terra Classic blockchain Gets Support from Rex to Use TerraCVita Endpoints.

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Rex disclosed that he had advised the independent validator to leverage TerraCVita endpoints for their projects.

Garuda Nodes, an independent Terra Classic validator, has received support from Rex “Rexyz” Harrison, a senior member of the TerraCVita development group. Rex directed the validator to leverage TerraCVita endpoints on Public Node to enhance the development of their projects on Terra Classic.

According to a recent tweet, Rex disclosed a productive discussion with the team behind Garuda Nodes earlier this Monday. He guided them into utilizing the endpoints operated by TerraCVita on Public Node, an endpoint suite provided by Allnodes.

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Rex advised the community to support all projects attempting to introduce utility to Terra Classic by building on the blockchain and burning LUNC. He noted that support should not be limited to projects affiliated with TerraCVita, such as Terraport and Terra Casino.

In response, the Garuda Nodes team thanked Rex for the support and help rendered.

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Endpoints nodes are computer servers that act as a gateway between a blockchain network and external applications or services, allowing these applications to connect and communicate with the blockchain.

Public Node is a suite of endpoints released last December by Allnodes, a non-custodial hosting, and staking service provider. This suite is designed to provide endpoints for decentralized applications (DApps) built on various blockchain networks, including Terra Classic, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Evmos.

As observed on the official Public Node platform, all current 22 LCD and FCD Terra Classic nodes are operated by TerraCVita.These endpoint nodes will enable Garuda Nodes to connect its projects to the Terra Classic network, ensuring seamless communication with the blockchain.

As reported last week, Garuda Nodes has disclosed plans to launch a new play-to-earn (P2E) game on the Terra Classic blockchain in the year’s second quarter. The team behind the validator confirmed that the game is expected to facilitate on-chain LUNC burns. TerraCVita commended the effort in response to the disclosure.

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