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Cardano Founder Mocks Claims of Lack of Interest in Cardano NFTs


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Cardano Founder Responds to Claims of Low Interest in Cardano NFT.

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Hoskinson’s sarcastic response comes on the back of NFT.NYC’s decision to move the Cardano NFT panel to the waitlist, citing low interest.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently delivered a sarcastic response to claims that the Cardano NFT scene sees a low interest compared to NFTs on other networks.

Quoting a video of the cNFT conference in Las Vegas from October 9, 2022, Hoskinson sarcastically remarked, “Remember there is zero interest in Cardano NFTs. Just look how empty this Cardano exclusive NFT conference” while tagging the official Twitter handle of NFT.NYC. The video shows a hall nearly filled to the brim by Cardano NFT proponents.


NFT.NYC is an annual conference that aims to foster connections among leaders and enthusiasts in the NFT community in New York. The upcoming event, scheduled for next month, will take place at the renowned North Javits conference center.

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As the scheduled date for the event drew nearer, the organizers unexpectedly decided to move the Cardano NFT panel to a waitlist, causing surprise among attendees. This move conveyed a message that the panel was not accorded high priority. Consequently, community members expressed their curiosity and sought to understand the reasons behind this change.

In a message sent to Hoskinson, a Cardano proponent claimed they received a response from an NYT.NYC representative that roughly translated to “we don’t see enough interest in Cardano to approve a panel like this.”


Reacting to the widespread backlash from the community, NYT.NYC revised their decision, recently disclosing that they would prioritize Cardano speakers on their waitlist. “We have also invited a number of Cardano Community Members to lodge late Speaker applications by Monday 5pm 3/13,” the organizers revealed.

Cardano NFT Scene Sees Rapid Growth

The Cardano NFT space has witnessed a rapid surge in adoption rate since last year. Last September, The Crypto Basic highlighted some interesting milestones reached by the scene, including nearly 7,000 NFT projects across 15 marketplaces and an all-time trading volume of 459 million ADA ($142 million).

These figures have seen a massive increase since then, as the space now boasts an all-time trading volume of 652 million ADA ($202 million). NFT projects have also soared to 8,805, with 7.5 million NFTs minted. DappRadar highlighted this rapid growth last year, as the Cardano NFT scene became the third-largest NFT protocol last October.

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