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Shibarium Based PawSwap Loses Twitter Account


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A PawSwap developer revealed that the team behind the project is in communication with Twitter support to rectify the issue.

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PawSwap, a decentralized exchange project set to launch on Shiba Inu’s Shibarium network, just lost its Twitter account following a suspension from the Twitter support team. The PawSwap team has alleged that the suspension came on the back of reports from “attackers.”

PawKishi, a pseudonymous PawSwap developer, propagated these claims as he called public attention to the development on Twitter. He alleged that attackers had mass reported the exchange’s Twitter account (@PawShibarium) so as to take advantage of the suspension in an effort to scam people.

“Until the official account comes back and we announce, do not be tricked by any other accounts claiming to be PAW,” he warned. Twitter has not lifted the suspension as of time of reporting.


According to PawKishi, the PawSwap team is currently in close communication with the Twitter support team to overturn the suspension and ensure that the incident does not repeat itself. He had previously warned community members of an emergence of scam accounts claiming affiliation with the decentralized exchange.

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Moreover, Dezaxe, a PawSwap ecosystem ambassador, also highlighted the occurrence. He assured the community that the suspension does not affect the project in any way, as all other official channels, including its website, are working perfectly. Another proponent also implored Twitter support to resolve the situation and verify the account.


This development comes shortly after a public disagreement erupted between Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama and some members of the PawSwap team. Amid the clash, Kaal Dhairya, another prominent Shiba Inu developer, publicly announced that ShibaSwap is the only official decentralized exchange on the Shibarium network.

In addition, Lucie, a notable Shiba Inu influencer, alleged that the PawSwap team had continuously launched a coordinated attack on Kusama through fabricated tweets aimed at besmirching his image. Kusama had also repeatedly advised community members to disregard any FUD campaign that may arise during this period.

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