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Kusama Reacts As John Richmond Designs Wearables for Shiba Inu Metaverse in SXSW


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The development comes two weeks after John Richmond disclosed plans to introduce Shiba Inu-themed digital wearables for Metaverse users.

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John Richmond, a prominent Italian-based fashion brand and partner to Shiba Inu, has introduced a set of digital wearables with which users of SHIB: The Metaverse can clothe their avatars as they explore the metaverse space.

Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a highly-regarded fashion publication, took to Twitter to draw attention to this groundbreaking development, hailing it as the newest addition to the repertoire of fashion innovations on display at the esteemed SXSW 2023 event.

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In response to the report, Marcie Jastrow, Shiba Inu’s Metaverse Advisor, expressed her enthusiasm for engaging in metaverse activities while adorned in fashionable wearables. Furthermore, Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, also acknowledged the significance of this development.


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Recall that SHIB: The Metaverse recently debuted the WAGMI Temple Hub at this year’s SXSW festival. Footage from the premiere showcased a range of captivating and immersive experiences, generating great excitement and anticipation among proponents.

The Richmond Metaverse Wearables

According to a press release on the Richmond wearables, John Richmond debuted at this year’s SXSW festival as the official fashion partner for SHIB: The Metaverse. The brand’s premiere culminated in introducing its digital wearables, offering users a diverse selection of free and premium NFT-authenticated wearables.

Moreover, interested individuals will have the chance to purchase real-life versions of the outfits worn by their avatars in the metaverse. Richmond is effectively merging Web3 fashion styles with practical, real-world applications by providing this opportunity.

It is worth noting that on March 1, John Richmond had already announced his intentions to launch an NFT-authenticated apparel collection designed explicitly for SHIB metaverse avatars. The fashion icon requested input from community members regarding the type of clothing they would like to see.

Following its partnership with Shiba Inu in February of last year, the John Richmond brand has continued to roll out numerous initiatives specifically tailored to the needs of the Shiba Inu community. The introduction of digital wearables is the latest in a series of such projects.

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