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Shiba Inu Team Announces Another Powerful Partnership As SHIB Steps Into Fashion Industry


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Shiba Inu Team Announces Another Powerful Partnership To Change The Course Of Fashion industry.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) entered the Fashion Industry by partnering with John Richmond, an English fashion designer based in Italy.

Shiba Inu recently made an exciting announcement for all Shiba Inu holders that John Richmond has officially partnered with SHIB for cutting-edge fashion collaboration. The information is made public via Tweet.

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John Richmond has followed Shiba Inu’s official Twitter handle, especially to make this historical announcement public.

The partnership is said to be launched on the final day of Italy’s fashion week and the first day of Paris Fashion Week. This partnership will enable SHIB to step into another industry with great energy.

The lead developer of Shiba Inu on this event posted a tweet and said this is another powerful partnership, which will change the fashion industry forever. However, further details about the partnership are not yet disclosed in detail.

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Formerly on February 14, Shib’s official Twitter handle has officially released a video teaser. Most Shiba Inu Community members tried to crack the puzzle upon watching the teaser. Some concluded that SHIB might collaborate with clothing brand Forever 21, whereas few were thinking about John Richmond.

However, now the secret has been unveiled officially by SHIB, but still, we’re waiting for some more details about the announcement.

Many usually know John Richmond as a rock ‘n’ roll brand, as some of the biggest names in music have a special love for this brand. Madonna, Mick Jagger, and Annie Lennox have all been dressed by Richmond, whose collections are often influenced by musical movements. John Richmond is a true legend in the artistry, and vision for the world of fashion. Today the ShibArmy embarks on a journey that is set to show the beauty behind design while collaborating in the digital space.

Readers should keep in mind this is SHIB’s second partnership in real-life business, and an exciting thing to note here is that both partnerships are based in Italy. Shiba Inu has formerly made a deep-rooted partnership with Welly, the first-ever blockchain-based SHIB-themed Restaurant or a “Burger Joint.”

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