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You Tweet More About Bitcoin Than Most: CZ Swipes at Peter Schiff


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Being one of the most vocal Bitcoin (BTC) critics, Peter Schiff’s neverending criticisms continue to trigger responses from key players in the industry.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Binance, is the latest to take a jab at Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff for his comments on the firstborn crypto. Notably, CZ called Schiff out because, despite stationing himself as a Bitcoin hater, Schiff talks more about the asset than most people.

CZ’s comments came as a response to a recent tweet from Schiff in which he acknowledged that Bitcoin proponents are correct in their opinion of the U.S. Federal Reserve and inflation. In addition to being a Bitcoin critic, Schiff is also not fond of the Fed and the trajectory of the U.S. economy.

“Bitcoin buyers may be wrong about Bitcoin, but they’re right about the Fed and inflation,” Schiff remarked. He asserted that most investors are unaware of the ongoing financial crisis and the looming currency crisis. Notwithstanding, Schiff positioned Gold as the best hedge against the catastrophe, mocking BTC holders for opting for BTC instead.


Responding to Schiff, CZ noted that the 60-year-old American stock broker is quite close to the truth but has failed to sit back and realize that he is wrong about his opinion of Bitcoin. The Binance Chief further pointed out to Schiff that he talks more about BTC than most people.


In his defense, Peter Schiff mentioned that his frequent tweets about Bitcoin stem from the fact that he is compelled to repeatedly debunk the “nonsense” propagated by several Bitcoin proponents. According to him, he needs to “introduce a modicum of counter-balance.”


Schiff’s Long-lasting Bitcoin Criticism 

Despite his persistent warnings of the looming devaluation of the dollar, Peter Schiff remains indifferent about Bitcoin as a hedge against this crisis. Instead, the American financial commentator has called on investors to troop to gold.

Last year, he persistently swiped at MicroStrategy chairman and Bitcoin maxi Michael Saylor for his BTC stance. Schiff asserted last December that this stance would likely drive MicroStrategy out of business. The same month, he took a jab at billionaire Mark Cuban for promoting BTC.

Most recently, in an interview on Brighteon, Peter Schiff admitted that he believes the world will soon shift away from fiat currencies. However, he asserted that this shift would not go into Bitcoin but into Gold.

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