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Top US Lawyer Says He Holds 75% of his Portfolio in XRP


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Top US Lawyer Says He Holds More XRP Than Bitcoin in His Long-Term Crypto Portfolio.

Pro-XRP attorney Jeremy Hogan has taken to Twitter to reveal his long-term cryptocurrency holdings in his Ledger Nano. Notably, Hogan’s long-term crypto holdings consist of more XRP than Bitcoin.

According to data attached to the tweet, 74.3% of Hogan’s total long-term cryptocurrency holdings are in XRP. In contrast, the partner at Hogan & Hogan law firm has only about 25.7% of his long-term crypto holdings in Bitcoin.

Commenting on the development, Hogan said he is an “XRPXRPXRPBTC Maxi.” This indicates that XRP represents approximately three-quarters of his long-term holdings while Bitcoin only equals one-quarter.

Attorney Hogan did not disclose the number of XRP coins in the wallet. However, XRP community members have applauded Hogan for having faith in the asset class despite the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC.

An XRP enthusiast encouraged people to purchase the XRP, saying:

Hogan is a long-time XRP lover and has always fought to support Ripple against the Securities and Exchange Commission. Like other pro-XRP lawyers, Hogan believes Ripple can win the lawsuit.

Hogan Thinks SEC Will Not Win

In November, attorney Hogan posted a Twitter thread explaining why he believes summary judgment will not be granted in SEC’s favor on one of the prongs of the Howey Test: “expectation of profits from the efforts of others.”

According to Hogan, the SEC failed to provide evidence showing Ripple’s involvement in XRP price action over the past years. He added that the regulator abandoned its expert witness due to insufficient evidence supporting the Howey Test prong.

However, he said Ripple countered the SEC’s claim by providing an expert who correlated XRP price movement with market forces. In addition, the leading blockchain company also filed 3K affidavits from XRP holders who declared that they didn’t rely on Ripple for a rally in XRP price.

Meanwhile, Judge Analisa Torres is yet to issue a ruling. XRP community members had expected the summary judgment to come before the end of March, as predicted by prominent lawyer James K. Filan. However, things went differently than planned. 

In defense of Filan, another pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton said there was no deadline of March 31 for the ruling to be issued. He added that the verdict might come anytime and linger until the next two months.

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Lele Jima
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