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XRP Healthcare Announces a New Partnership and Medical Product


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XRP Healthcare partners Signals.

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XRP Healthcare, a company building a decentralized healthcare marketplace on the XRP Ledger, in a press release yesterday, has announced a new partnership with Signals, an experimental drug company.


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Signals claims to use an innovative technology developed by Dr. John Michael over the past four decades called Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS) to develop drugs that promote cellular communication to achieve normalcy and balance within the body. 

As part of the partnership, Signals’ products would be available for purchase on the XRP Healthcare marketplace for XRPH, the marketplace’s native token. In addition, XRP Healthcare and Signals have introduced a new drug called CCC+C (Cool, Calm, Collected + Crypto).

The drug is the result of three months of effort, XRP Healthcare founder Kain Roomes told The Crypto Basic over LinkedIn. According to the founder, it is not just a rebranded version of Signal’s CCC (Cool, Calm and Collected). It is promoted in the press release as a fix for apprehension, melancholy, nervousness, anxiety and stress.

It remains unclear what these drugs are made of though Roomes claims to take them himself. The founder, in a written statement, said:

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“Having been an investor in the cryptocurrency space and now starting a healthcare company on the XRP Ledger, I know first-hand about the tumultuous crypto market — having taken CCC myself, it has enabled me to remain cool calm, and collected in a highly volatile, and fickle space.”

The disclaimer highlights that the product lacks Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Despite Signals’ statements that it stands by its products, the disclaimer further read:

“The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

The partnership with Signals is the latest in XRP Healthcare’s growing list, which already features ScriptCo and United Networks of America. As reported last week, the company is also expanding to Africa through mergers and acquisitions of private health institutions.

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