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XRP Wallet Xumm Launches Web-Based Decentralized Exchange


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According to Xumm, the development represents the team’s efforts at “bringing secure and frictionless trading to browsers.”

Xumm, the prominent XRP Ledger self-custody wallet developed by XRP Ledger (XRPL) Labs, has launched unhosted.exchange, a new browser-based decentralized exchange on the XRP Ledger. The move aims to introduce “secure and frictionless trading” to users who prefer trading their assets with browsers.

The team behind Xumm unveiled the web-based DEX in a recent tweet, noting that the exchange is fully operational and exclusively available to Xumm Pro users in an early access stage. According to the team, the DEX will be available to the general public in May.


It bears mentioning that XRPL has one of the world’s oldest decentralized exchange which has been running on the protocol since the network’s launch in 2012. Nonetheless, the XRPL native DEX does not have a web version, presenting a limitation for users who wish to access it through their browsers.

Unhosted.exchange is the answer to this issue. According to an official blog release from Xumm, unhosted.exchange is a mirror copy of the age-old XRPL native DEX with a clean interface and fully accessible to users on all major web browsers. The product was developed by XRP Labs, the team behind Xumm, and represents their first web-based trading platform.

Due to its nature as a decentralized exchange, the platform allows users to buy, sell and carry out trades for any asset on XRPL without the need for a central authority. The Xumm team has also noted that all processes come with no extra fees from them. Users also benefit from 24/7 support from Xumm and an opportunity to trade on custom pairs.

Xumm Continues to Enhance Trading on XRPL

The recently-launched web-based DEX comes merely three days after Xumm teased its introduction, leading to speculations on whether the team plans to improve the features of the native XRPL DEX or unveil an entirely new decentralized exchange.

The latest development is part of the elaborate effort carried out by Xumm as it looks to enhance trading on the XRP Ledger for users. The team announced the integration of Stably as a xApp on the Xumm wallet last month – a move that opened the doors for on/off-ramp features for users in the United States.

The move allowed American users to seamlessly buy Stably-USD with their fiat USD, which would then be deposited to their XRPL accounts to be used for the purchases of other assets on XRPL.

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