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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Prepares For Price Pump, While Dogecoin (DOGE) Surges From Twitter Picture – Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Price Continues To Pump After Uniswap Listing


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Shiba Inu is poised for a price increase according to inflow metrics, Twitter’s use of the Dogecoin meme sends its price up by 30% and brings Elon Musk a lawsuit, while Orbeon Protocol finally lists on Uniswap after an extremely successful presale and is already living up to expectations.


New Whale Wallet Adds 3.5 Trillion Shiba Inu

A new wallet that exclusively holds Shinba Inu tokens purchased a staggering 3.50 trillion SHIB worth about $40 million in a single transaction. The wallet becomes the 30th largest Shiba Inu whale and indicates rising interest from big investors. The burn rate of Shiba Inu is also contributing, with over 25 million SHIB burned in the past 24 hours, significantly reducing the total supply of Shiba Inu tokens. Another catalyst for Shiba Inu is the SHIB Super Store project that rewarded the community by distributing 9.40 million SHIB among its members and has been consistently burning Shiba Inu (SHIB). With the Shibarium on the way, the price of Shiba Inu is simply waiting for a breakout upwards.


Dogecoin Replaces Twitter’s Blue Bird

Shiba Inu isn’t the only memecoin that is causing waves this week, as Twitter’s decision to replace the legacy blue bird with the Dogecoin meme sent the coin up by 30%.  The move brought Elon Musk a lawsuit, alleging that he ran a Dogecoin pyramid scheme.

The top left placeholder shows the new logo when users log into Twitter’s web client and shows on the loading screen. The official corporate websites of Twitter haven’t changed the bird yet. With no statement from Twitter about the change, Dogecoin appreciated, and the once-joke project rose by 30%. As we know, the Dogecoin community listens to Musk’s hints. It’s worth noting the timing of the logo change is somewhat peculiar, as Musk and Tesla face a $278 billion lawsuit filed by Dogecoin investors. They accuse him of running a pyramid scheme by using his social media influence to rally DOGE up and then dump it. It is unclear yet if the logo change is permanent and there is speculation about other (maybe payment) implications coming for Twitter and Dogecoin.

Orbeon Protocol Hits the Market with Listing on Uniswap

After a legendary presale, Orbeon Protocol is now listed on Uniswap. Orbeon Protocol brings a highly needed new approach to the market, with the goal of decentralizing the crowdfunding world. By automating the investment process, Orbeon Protocol offers a unique concept that uses NFTaaS to bridge to web3. Fractionalized NFTs are used to transfer the equity of companies and make the investment accessible. Solid Proof provides the audit for the NFT smart contract and ensures safety for investors.

Orbeon Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain to provide a secure and trustless environment. Orbeon Protocol features the Orbeon launchpad, the Orbeon wallet, and Orbeon swap. Orbeon Protocol’s ecosystem is powered by the ORBN utility token, which gives holders governance rights, passive income for staking, and more. The current price of ORBN on Uniswap is $0.24399, which already proves analysts right and reflects a 6000% ROI from the initial presale price of $0.004.

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