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Cardano Crocs Club Introduces Over 250 Swamplands Partners


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The Cardano Crocs Club created the “Swamplands” application with the following goals in mind: unify the Cardano NFT scene by offering a platform where individuals can start their own web3 brands, bridge Cardano projects to those on other blockchains, and welcome existing web2 & IRL brands with the ever-growing web3 audience. The first objective has been SMASHED!! Right now, the Swamplands application has enlisted the support of over 250 Cardano projects to take advantage of the Swamplands ecosystem and the tools that it has to offer.

This is made possible through our token, $C4, which is the underlying backbone of the entire Swamplands ecosystem. $C4 is not “just another token”. It is money. A Currency. One that can be used as a means of exchange and store of value, One that is backed and used by real-world products, goods, and services.

The parent company of Cardano Crocs Club (CCC), Net Technology LLC, has created an agreement with Codeware. Digital (Codeware). Net Technology LLC will invest money into ready-made projects developed by Codeware. In turn, Codeware will accept $C4 as a payment method for everything in the Swamplands, including the creation of digital technology and tools for the NFT/crypto ecosystem. Codeware will also offer other services, such as website creation, game creation (limited capacity), minting services (together with Smartmints), and NFT art, all for payment in $C4. This creates a network effect that can drive demand for the token, potentially increasing its value over time.

NET Technologies has opened up investment opportunities for all products and services created by Codeware. Normally, 100% of profits generated from these applications, would go to NET Technologies. However, these investment opportunities offer 70% of profits back to the investors, proportional to the amount invested. These opportunities are open to anyone holding $C4, but partner projects will receive a “small” bonus.

2022 was all about building for the community. We introduced staking, our $C4 token, finalized the NFT collections, and launched our poker platform, which is the first of many products that we will create. For 2023 and beyond, we are building with the community. The introduction of Swamplands and $C4 investment opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg for this endeavor. CCC has many more plans for $C4, with current plans stretching to the end of 2024. The goal is to make $C4 a widely used, highly liquid token, and one of the most important tokens on Cardano. The Cardano Crocs Club is supported by a large community, its greatest asset. As the community and number of people utilizing $C4 grows, the platform will continue to find new partners. We’d be happy to have you along for the journey.

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