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Shiba Inu: BONE Secures 4th Major Listing in Three Days


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Shiba Inu’s BONE ShibaSwap (BONE) Secures Fourth Exchange Listing in Three Days.

Flitpay, India’s popular cryptocurrency exchange, just announced that it has added support for Bone ShibaSwap against Indian Rupee with BONE/INR pair. For now, Flitpay’s users can now trade BONE with zero fees.

The move comes after FlitPay launched a Twitter poll yesterday, allowing users to vote for their favorite coin to be listed on the platform. The options were BONE and REEF, and the poll received 22,722 votes. After a close competition, REEF emerged as the winner, securing 52.7% of the total votes, with BONE closely following with 47.3%.

However, FlitPay has decided to list both tokens on its platform in a surprising move that has delighted both communities. This decision was made due to the high enthusiasm shown by both the BONE and REEF communities.

This marks the fourth exchange to add support for BONE in just three days, with CetoEX and OKX adding support for the coin on April 24th and Huobi listing the BONE/USDT pair on April 25th.

BONE is quickly becoming the talk of the town as the launch of Shibarium draws near. BONE will serve the upcoming network as a “native gas token.” This means it will allow users to conduct network transactions with speed and efficiency.

Shibarium is currently in beta testing, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. As of press time, the network has amassed an impressive 14,061,584 (14M) wallet addresses and processed over 4.5 million transactions, all within a speedy average block time of just 5.0 seconds.

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