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Shiba Inu: 300 Enterprise Requests For Shibarium Full node Integration


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Over 300 enterprises put in a request for the tools, which shows the popularity of Shibarium.

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NowNodes, a blockchain-as-a-service solutions company that lets users access full nodes and explorers via API, has announced its continued preparations for the launch of the Shibarium mainnet.


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On Thursday, the company announced that it had collected all tools and prepared a guide for developers in a bid to provide dedicated access to the Shibarium blockchain. According to the firm, the move was provoked after its partners sent more than 300 enterprise requests for Shibarium full-node integration.


The firm further called upon developers to continue building atop the recently released beta version. It also provided a road map for interested developers, including setting up the environment for writing, compiling, and deploying smart contracts using BONE tokens.

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The company claims to provide “a high-quality infrastructure that is quick, cost-effective, and reliable” and currently provides access to over 1000 coins and tokens from over 60 blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and BSC. It is also among the growing list of crypto entities that have pledged their support for the Shibarium blockchain, including Ledger, Swapzone, and Atomic Wallet.

According to the firm, the importance of more people building on Shibarium is simple, “the more use cases – the closer mass adoption is Hence growing number of dApps and DeFi platforms supporting Shibaium will power SHIB ecosystem.”

It also noted that its goal was to power crypto wallets, exchanges, and other platforms to adopt Shibarium, promising to keep the community on track with all its future updates and releases.

Shibarium to Launch Soon

Whereas there is still no soft date for the Shibarium mainnet launch, the company has previously stated that “rumors have it” that Shibarium could launch late Spring-mid Summer. Its latest update further reiterated the call, saying, “Stay tuned! @Shibariumtech is coming soon.”

The Shibarium blockchain is expected to have high-speed transactions, low gas fees, and higher security, making it a significant innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. In conclusion, as Layer-2 Shibarium approaches, the community remains stoked about its growth capabilities.

To many, Shibarium could also provide a boon for SHIB and BONE prices, which have continued to display stunted growth on the back of a broader crypto market downturn.

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