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Ledger Addresses Concerns of XRP Users, Funds Remain Safe


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According to Ledger support, some customers are experiencing issues sending XRP through the Ledger Live mobile application.

Ledger, a leading brand of crypto hardware wallets, recently called attention to an issue faced by its customers when dealing with XRP. According to a recent tweet, the official Ledger Support account acknowledged customers having issues setting up XRP accounts or sending XRP through the Ledger Live mobile application.


The company assured customers that the issues faced pose no threat to their assets, as their funds remain secure. Ledger urged customers to upgrade their mobile apps to the latest update (v.3.20.1). However, users have pointed out that the latest update is the cause of the recent issues.

Notably, when users attempt to add an XRP account to their Ledger Live mobile application or carry out XRP transactions on the app, they experience an error code that reads, “API HTTP 418.” Numerous users have lodged complaints of the report but noted that they have not received any favorable response from Ledger.

Meanwhile, Ledger has asked customers to use the Ledger Live desktop application to view and manage their XRP if the issues with the mobile app persist. The platform implied that it does not have a complete idea of what caused the 418 error but will continue providing more information to the public as investigations progress. 


As a non-standard code created by the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP), “HTTP 418” was introduced as a humorous code. The code typically pops up when the server a user is trying to communicate with is not taking the request seriously or does not support the request the user is making.

Ledger Assures Security of XRP Assets

As earlier highlighted, Ledger assured users that their XRP assets are safe. This is likely because the Ledger Live mobile application faces the error and does not really contain investors’ assets. The funds and keys are securely stored on the offline hardware wallets while the mobile app is used to manage them.

Amid a slew of hacks within the crypto scene, industry players have championed the use of hardware wallets like the ones provided by Ledger, which have proven to be perfect hedges against attacks. Certik recently disclosed that $103.6 million was lost to crypto hacks and scams last month alone.


While Ledger has never lost assets due to a hack, the platform did experience a security breach in July 2020 that affected over 270,000 customers. The attackers dumped the personal data of the affected customers in December of that year. Ledger confirmed that the data was from its e-commerce database and assured users’ assets were safe.

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