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Cardano Founder Says “XRP Community Manipulated His Remarks to a Lie Beyond Recognition”


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XRP Community Manipulated My Statement to a Lie: Cardano Founder Insists.

Charles Hoskinson still does not believe that the “entire” US SEC has received incentives to launch an attack on Ripple and XRP.

The belief that the US SEC received bribes from Ethereum insiders to launch an attack on Ripple and XRP has resurfaced. However, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, insists that this belief is a conspiracy theory. According to Hoskinson, his comments on the matter have been twisted into a lie by the XRP community.

Stefan Huber, a crypto influencer, reignited the debate on the matter in a series of tweets today. Huber argued that it is not a coincidence that William Hinman, a former SEC official, gave a speech in 2018 stating that Ethereum was not a security.


Huber suggested that Hinman’s remarks about Ethereum not being a security and the SEC’s actions against Ripple were not coincidental but rather a result of collusion between Hinman, former SEC chairperson Jay Clayton, and Ethereum insiders. He emphasized that it is ridiculous to dismiss these claims as “absurd conspiracy theories.”

“Hoskinson said it’s an absurd conspiracy theory because it’s just normal that the asset with the most powerful backers got a free pass. Which basically is the very conspiracy we point at,” Huber added, stressing why he thinks Hoskinson’s belief is erroneous.

Responding to the recent remarks, Hoskinson clarified that his earlier comments on this matter stated that it is a conspiracy theory to circulate the belief that the “entire” SEC is united against Ripple. According to him, his remarks have been twisted.

He emphasized that the fact that the SEC has recently gone after several other entities, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, and others, shows that he might be right. Essentially, Hoskinson points out that since the SEC is going after others besides Ripple, it invalidates the belief that the agency is only united against Ripple.


Following a response from another individual, Hoskinson remarked: “That was my statement. It’s always been my statement. The XRP community has manipulated it to a lie that is beyond recognition. They now mock and hate me. I stand by my original statement. There is nothing more to say on this topic.”


Hoskinson’s Clash with the XRP Community

As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, Hoskinson first made these “conspiracy theory” remarks last October when he spoke on the circulating belief that the SEC has received bribes from Ethereum insiders to move against XRP. The comments elicited backlash from the XRP community.

While speaking on an episode of the Thinking Crypto podcast, Hoskinson asserted that the XRP community’s belief on the matter was a “grand conspiracy.” It bears mentioning that Hoskinson is one of the co-founders of Ethereum who left the project in 2014 following a fallout with Vitalik Buterin.

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