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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Mocks BitBoy for His Inexperience


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The prominent crypto influencer had issues executing a sell transaction for a meme coin he holds, eliciting reactions from people, including the Shiba Inu lead Developer.

Ben Armstrong, commonly known as BitBoy, has come under fire for his inability to execute a sell transaction for a meme coin he currently holds. Among the individuals who commented on the surprising event was Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu lead developer.

Loopify, a pseudonymous NFT enthusiast and founder of Treeverse, recently called attention to a Twitter exchange indicating that BitBoy could not create a sell transaction. Responding to the disclosure, Kusama mockingly remarked, “I rest my case your honors.”


What Happened?

Notably, BitBoy recently disclosed that he has received reports from several individuals on the “red flags” of WallStreetBets Classic (WSBC), one of the recently-launched meme coins in the ongoing meme mania. In response, KJ Crypto, a market analyst and founder of the Trading Kojo group, tried to explain to BitBoy that the asset appeared legitimate.

BitBoy revealed that he has been having issues with swapping the WSBC tokens in his portfolio, noting that the smart contract approves the transaction, but no swaps are executed. The prominent influencer asked if there is a sell tax rule, but KJ Crypto maintained that he is unaware of any existing tax rule.

To provide more context to his predicament, BitBoy shared a screenshot of the transaction, stressing that when he seeks to swap half of his WSBC holdings to Ethereum (ETH), his trade goes through and is approved, but he doesn’t get any ETH.

He noted that this issue has persisted over several times. However, a look at the screenshot shows that he was only approving the contract and not executing the sell transaction. Notably, one would need to approve the contract and then execute a sell transaction for the swap to go through.

It is important to note that BitBoy has since deleted his tweets and admitted the error on his part. According to his latest tweet on the matter, he has successfully executed the sell transaction.


Kusama and BitBoy’s Disagreement

Kusama’s latest remarks are triggered by the long-standing disagreement he and the influencer have had in recent times.

As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, in March, BitBoy threatened to reveal the identity of Ryoshi, the anonymous founder of Shiba Inu, amid claims that the Shibarium beta network was a fork of the Rinia testnet. Kusama swiped at BitBoy in response.

BitBoy released a video the following day, claiming that Neyma, one of the pseudonymous creators of Unification, was actually Ryoshi – a claim that was debunked by the individual. BitBoy mentioned much later that he had heard rumors that Neyma is looking to come after him. The influencer threatened to “checkmate” him should that happen.

Shytoshi Kusama also dismissed all allegations of Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy, and asked him to stop spreading FUDs about Shiba Inu.

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