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Coach Caputo & Friends of George Debut NFT Line on RBX Network to Benefit GW Athletes


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Announced Thursday, Friends of George (FOG) NIL is collaborating with Coach Caputo to launch a collection of experimental NFTs, the “Raise High” collection. The proceeds from the NFTs will be used to empower the student athletes of George Washington University, in line with FOG’s goals. The NFTs will be minted on ReserveBlock RBX Network, commemorating Coach Caputo’s 2023 inaugural season and the team’s appearance in the Atlantic Ten Tournament at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The “Raise High” NFTs will consist of six exclusive one-of-one NFTs each as a multi-asset token minted on the RBX network. The NFTs will offer collectors exclusive digital and physical assets, each offering unique experiences that can be redeemed directly with Coach Caputo and offer the holders an opportunity to interact face to face with the Colonials basketball players. All proceeds will be donated by Coach Caputo to benefit the program and its student athletes.

The NFTs aim to boost the connection between student athletes, the community, and the fans, coach Caputo said.

“While bringing a title home to GW is always our primary goal, it starts by solidifying our connectivity with the community for the benefit of our student athletes, the university and all GW fans. I believe this is a unique way to bring our players and fans together in a more engaging way and utilizing blockchain technology gives us a unique opportunity to do just that,” he added.

The “Raise High” commemorative NFTs will drop on Friday, May 12 at 1.00 PM ET and will be available on Caputo’s RBX Web Wallet Auction. The auction is planned to run till Monday, May 15th at 1.00 PM ET. To participate in the NFT auction, prospective collectors require an RBX Web Wallet, which is available for download on ReserveBlock’s official website. Participants simply need to create an account and sign in to the RBX Web Wallet using their username and password.

Once signed in, click on the p2p Auctions tab on the Web Wallet, which offers access to the “FOG Aim High” Auction House. To purchase the NFTs, users will need to purchase RBX tokens, available on several centralized exchanges including BitMart, Bitrue, or MEXC Global.

This NFT drop offers a one-of-its-kind and first-of-its-kind collection for any NIL athlete. The collection offers fans, students, FOG sponsors and supporters direct access to RBX tokens collected during the auction without a third party.

Adding to the exclusive experiences that NFT holders will have, they can also select to trade their “Raise High” digital assets peer-to-peer via the RBX Web Wallet. This also may unlock several potential benefits for holders associated with FOG NIL events in the future.

“We welcome this type of engagement for our student athletes! As NIL empowers them, we want to encourage forward-thinking use that goes well beyond just earning potential. I believe this will help give fans a front row seat to our journey for a title, while at the same time democratizing the landscape for all our student athletes and continue to raise the standard of excellence our program stands for,” said  Coach Caputo.

The collaboration aims to push forward the mission set by the Friends of George (FOG) collective to empower George Washington University student athletes. FOG empowers students to achieve their potential in all walks of life including in their studies and while competing for titles by equipping them with “hard-earned resources to achieve their goals”.

“By equipping GW students with insights and mentorship from GW’s worldwide alumni base and top minds in all walks of business, medicine, law, finance, politics, entertainment and more, Friends of George makes an indelible impact on the Buff and Blue and throughout the GW community,” the statement reads.

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