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Whales Abandon Render Network (RNDR) In Droves As A New Meme Coin Takes The Spotlight


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Becoming a whale in the crypto market requires access to the latest information, keen eyes for detail, and making the right decisions. Crypto whales know when to switch their portfolios and the right project to switch their investments into. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that crypto whales are abandoning Render Network (RNDR) in droves for Pikamoon, a new gamefi project that has been tipped to do 20x gains before the end of 2023.

These savvy crypto whales recognize the potential for Pikamoon’s hybrid memecoin and play-to-earn token to skyrocket, fueled by its impressive array of features and benefits. In this article, we will discuss why crypto whales are leaving RNDR and why Pikamoon has piqued their interest.

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Why are Whales Abandoning Render Network (RNDR) in Droves?

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, RenderToken (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network that links artists and studios needing GPU compute power with mining partners interested in renting out their GPU capabilities. Launched in 2017, RNDR is an ERC-20 utility token that artists on the network can exchange for GPU compute power from GPU providers (node operators).

However, its token hasn’t had a smooth ride, as it has experienced a continuous decline in value. The price of one RNDR has plummeted from its all-time high of $7.4 to less than a dollar. Currently, 1 RNDR trades around $1.8, indicating an almost 80% drop. This worrisome trend has caused many investors in the ecosystem to feel frustrated, leading to a mass exodus of bag holders in search of greener pastures—enter Pikamoon.

What is Pikamoon ($PIKA)?

Pikamoon is a GameFi project that presents a step up to revolutionising the GameFi industry and a lucrative investment opportunity for crypto investors. Through the Pikamoon Adventure, a play-to-earn game set in an advanced rendition of metaverse gaming, the Pikaverse, Pikamoon delivers an immersive and rewarding gaming experience to gamers. Also, Pikamoon presents a profitable investment opportunity to investors through its native token, equipped with several utilities to drive its growth.

In the Pikaverse, gamers build personal empires by going on quests and discovering treasures in exchange for in-game cryptocurrency rewards (NFTs, or $PIKA). There is also an in-game marketplace in the Pikaverse where players can sell or buy assets their avatars need in the game using $PIKA. Being the in-game reward token and the purchase token of the marketplace, $PIKA comes equipped with enough utilities to take the spotlight and deliver explosive profits.

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Why are Crypto Whales Abandoning Render Network for Pikamoon ($PIKA)?

  • Equipped with Superior Technologies

With Pikamoon, you get superior technologies in different areas. Pikamoon builds the P2E game in Unreal Engine 5, the latest real-time 3D graphics tool for metaverse gaming. With this technological choice, Pikamoon delivers superior, immersive gameplay to gamers in the Pikaverse.

Also, these gamers can play with it without internet access, thanks to the offline and online gaming modes. With these gaming modes comes an edge over other traditional gamers and most P2E games, allowing gamers to play and earn rewards without restrictions.

  • Partnership with Industry Giants

Pikamoon provides the project and its native token with all the backing possible through partnerships with industry-leading brands to increase the reach of the Pikamoon community.

This allows Pikamoon to increase the hype around the GameFi project, take the spotlight, attract more holders, and draw in crypto whales and savvy investors, all of which contribute to the project’s growth and increase investment returns.

  • $PIKA: A Deflationary Native Token with Several Utilities

Pikamoon presents a lucrative opportunity for all parties involved, backed by a deflationary native token with multiple utilities and an exciting play-to-earn gaming structure. The token’s deflationary design ensures a gradual reduction in total supply, and its various utilities create scarcity, which further drives demand. This scarcity-demand dynamic is further amplified by the token’s deflationary nature, leading to a potentially explosive growth trajectory.

Buy $PIKA Today

$PIKA has recorded outstanding successes in its ongoing presale thanks to its superior features and the presence of top investors and whales.

Early investors in the ongoing presale can expect at least 300% returns. And experts still predict a 2000% rally before the end of the year is possible. Savvy investors and whales are taking advantage of this potential explosive growth; you should do the same.

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