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Best Crypto Presale: Aidoge, ApeMax, Big Eyes, Dogetti, Pepe


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Over the past few weeks, investors’ interest in crypto presales have skyrocketed. In particular, the recent boom has been fueled by interest in Altcoins and Memecoin token presales which are gaining new fans and buyers at record speed. In this article we will be covering the best crypto presale coins to look out for. At the top of the list is ApeMax, a new coin that allows holders to earn thanks to its revolutionary boost to earn staking tokenomics.

Here is the Best Crypto Presale list:

  1. ApeMax: The new crypto coin that lets you boost to earn big

The ApeMax presale has just started, meaning now is the best time to buy ApeMax coins at the lowest ever presale prices. ApeMax Coin introduces innovative tokenomics that enable users to earn by staking on their favorite entities such as creators, projects, influencers, and charities.

Upon purchasing ApeMax coins, users can immediately start staking, creating a positive feedback loop, and presenting a substantial potential for exponential growth. This sets ApeMax apart from other cryptocurrencies as you can start earning rewards right from the beginning.

Timing is key in crypto. The pre-sale pricing of ApeMax increases every 24 hours, so if you want to get in on the lowest pre-sale price of ApeMax, now is the time to check out the ApeMax pre-sale. In the world of crypto, buyers who get in early before the hype are often the one who see the greatest benefits when the token gains popularity.


Early adopters of ApeMax have the added advantage of buying Early Birds Loot Boxes. By purchasing ApeMax tokens via loot boxes, you can enjoy discounts of up to 50% on your token purchases. This enticing offer allows individuals to secure ApeMax at the lowest pre-sale prices while also receiving additional tokens in return. It’s a fantastic opportunity to maximize the benefits of investing in ApeMax.

  1. Aidoge

Aidoge coin has been riding on the recent hype surrounding AI generated by the rise of ChatGPT and other AI tools. Described as a deflationary token associated with the Arbitrum blockchain community. This token, which features interesting burning taxes and other tokenomics, is the native token of the Aidoge ecosystem.

According to the coin’s website, there is also a gamification aspect around this token, whereby every time someone buys Aidoge coin, they will receive a Lucky Drop ticket and can try their chance at winning a prize. Aidoge also includes a token staking feature.

  1. Big Eyes

BigEyes is currently one of the most endearing meme coins available. In fact, one of their unofficial mottos is cute as currency. In a cryptocurrency landscape largely focused on canine-themed tokens, Big Eyes, like ApeMax, stands out by creating a token centered around a distinct and charming creature.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, the Big Eyes Coin platform allows users to utilize BIG tokens to generate and distribute NFT content. Furthermore, BIG aims to contribute 5% of its total supply to environmental organizations, such as ocean sanctuaries, as part of its commitment to supporting the environment.

  1. Dogetti

Dogetti’s mission is to become the top dog in the meme coin space. This doge inspired crypto coin led by Don Eloni has been growing their community via their coin presale. Dogetti features unique tokenomics characterized by taxes on every Dogetti coin transaction.

Some of these token taxes are redistributed to holders, while others are added to charity wallets or sent to burn wallets to ensure long term stability of the project according to the information on their website.

Dogetti also has plans to roll out NFTs in the form of Dogetti puppies which holders can use as their digital companions.

  1. Pepe

Pepe Coin, a new meme cryptocurrency that has sent the crypto world into a frenzy in the past few weeks. The market cap for Pepe Coin surpassed $1.6 billion on May 6th according to data from CoinMarketCap, but has since cooled and is now below the $800 million mark.

Several early investors who purchased Pepe Coin now possess portfolios valued in the millions of dollars, demonstrating the potential for significant profits when investing wisely and early in promising altcoins before the hype and before they become mainstream.

In the past few days, a flurry of Pepe derivative coins has hit the market, but it’s worth exercising some caution when looking at such derivative Pepe coin projects as they may not be long term focused.


In conclusion, there are several new cryptocurrencies that are entering the altcoin market and having exciting presales that are worth exploring. In this article, we have discussed our list of the most exciting crypto presales worth watching. Not everyone should invest in cryptocurrencies, but for those who have an understanding of the space, there are a several new and promising ones out there. Aidoge, Big Eyes, Dogetti, and Pepe all have their own particularities but all share one thing in common: they may already be overpriced.

ApeMax, the newest cryptocurrency to enter the presale market, distinguishes itself with its innovative earning tokenomics. With the start of the ApeMax presale, the price of ApeMax is still affordable but only for a limited time. Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency enthusiast or a newcomer to the field, exploring ApeMax could present a lucrative and exciting opportunity.

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