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NowNodes Praises Shiba Inu Army, Shares Progress on Shibarium Trading Bots


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The blockchain node provider previously shared a guide with the Shiba Inu community, detailing how proponents could build trading bots on Shibarium.

NowNodes, a leading provider of blockchain node infrastructure, has recently expressed its admiration for the commitment demonstrated by the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community. The platform provided an update regarding the emergence of trading bots on Shibarium.

The recent disclosure from the NowNodes team came up shortly after Binance announced the launch of its updated trading bots. Capitalizing on the event, NowNodes took the initiative to highlight various guides they had previously published. These guides provide detailed instructions for enthusiasts interested in creating trading bots across multiple networks.


Among the networks is Shibarium. NowNodes revealed that they have already received two examples of trading bots developed using their guide within the past week. They took the opportunity to express their admiration for the dedication demonstrated by the SHIB community. “This is what makes you exceptional,” the tweet reads.

Notably, as previously reported by The Crypto Basic, the NowNodes team published a comprehensive tutorial on May 5 to guide proponents on building trading bots on Shibarium.

The guide provided valuable insight into how interested parties can leverage tools such as Python 3.11.3, a Telegram, Ethereum Node & WebSocket access, and Node.js to develop a Shibarium-based bot that can help automate trades for them. This is particularly beneficial for investors who may forget to make timely trade decisions due to other engagements.

NowNodes had asked members of the Shiba Inu community to come to them for further guidance in case they hit a roadblock while following the tutorial. The fact that the node provider received examples of trading bots indicates that several proponents have indeed embraced the strategy.

This is one of the avenues through which NowNodes seeks to provide support for Shibarium. The platform’s earliest interest in Shibarium dates back to February when it announced its intentions to support the L2 network as a node provider. Notably, this will give builders shared or dedicated access to nodes on Shibarium.

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