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From ANKR To This Hot GameFi Token: Why Investors Are Switching Over


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The GameFi sector has been rapidly evolving, with new projects emerging and capturing the attention of investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the gaming and cryptocurrency spaces. One such project that has been making waves and attracting a growing number of investors is the hot GameFi token we’re about to uncover.

While ANKR, a well-known player in the crypto industry, has enjoyed its fair share of success, a notable shift is occurring as investors flock to this new GameFi token. What sets this token apart, and why are investors eagerly switching over?

In this article, we’ll delve into the key factors driving this transition and explore the unique features and potential that make this token a game-changer in the industry.

What is ANKR?

Decentralized systems continually introduce new avenues, like ANKR, for companies to outsource certain processes. This platform aims to benefit from the thriving cloud computing and blockchain nodes sector.

Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi protocol that strives to make it effortless and affordable for anyone to participate in blockchain ecosystems by building dApps, hosting nodes, or staking. Ankr is powered by an Ethereum token called ANKR.

Pikamoon (PIKA) is the hot GameFi Token Holding $ANKR Investors Spellbound

Pikamoon is a GameFi project that rewards gamers with cryptocurrency rewards (NFTs or $PIKA) and investors with huge returns through a novel P2E gaming structure set in a metaverse gaming world known as the Pikaverse. Players build empires by discovering hidden gems, going on quests, and trading on the in-game marketplace using the platform’s native token, $PIKA, to boost the powers of their playing characters.

$PIKA is the utility, reward, and purchase token of the Pikamoon protocol, powering its rapid growth and astronomical profits.

Why Investors Are Switching Over To Pikamoon

  • Community Support from Industry Experts

Pikamoon makes the most of its community, understanding that every crypto project is only as good as the community that believes in and supports it. The project’s core team commits to growing the right community to support the rise of this revolutionary GameFi sensation.

From the get-go, Pikamoon has enjoyed support from a community of gaming enthusiasts, crypto experts, savvy investors, and whales, positioning it to exceed expectations. This active and involved community of industry experts strengthens the project’s credibility and makes it a dominant presence in the GameFi industry.

  • Earning Trust Right From the Team Makeup

Absence of trust and no solid roadmap are threats to investments in the play-to-earn and meme coin markets. Pikamoon’s core team takes extra steps to earn its users’ and investors’ trust by implementing certain transparency measures like KYC verification and audits by Coinsult, a well-respected blockchain audit firm. This assures you, as an investor, of long-term investment security.

  • Tokenomics for Growth

$PIKA’s tokenomics gives it a boost, as the deflationary token enjoys real use cases to drive growth in its immersive and exhilarating play-to-earn game.

The token’s total supply reduces with time, resulting in token scarcity as its demand rises from frequent use, producing a value explosion and profit boost for everyone with $PIKA.

Pikamoon Presale is an Easy Way to Make This Profitable Switch

Pikamoon is in the second phase of its token presale, and it is fast selling out as investors see the potential for millions in profits. The first phase already delivered a 200% ROI to early investors, as one $PIKA rose by 100% to $0.0004,

The ongoing second phase of the presale is expected to reach at least $0.0006 by the final phase and a potential 5000% ROI before the end of 2023. It is impossible to go wrong when you invest in $PIKA now. Take that step and buy $PIKA now.

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