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Hogan Gives Ruling Date for SEC v. Ripple Lawsuit Based on Torres Ruling Pattern


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Attorney Hogan speculates that the summary judgment decision will come in mid-July.

Attorney Jeremy Hogan, a Partner at Hogan & Hogan, has made a new prediction about when Judge Analisa Torres would issue a decision in the SEC vs. Ripple case.

In a tweet yesterday, attorney Hogan said Judge Torres would issue a summary judgment decision in mid-July. Hogan, who has closely followed the lawsuit from the onset, pointed out a pattern Judge Torres has followed while issuing major rulings in the case.

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According to attorney Hogan, the judge has issued major rulings every nine weeks, including September 29, December 19, March 6, and May 16.

Judge Torres’ Major Rulings

It is worth noting that on September 29, Judge Torres ordered the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to surrender Hinman’s documents to Ripple Labs following a heated legal battle over 18 months.

On December 19, Judge Torres ruled on the parties’ requests to seal documents associated with Daubert’s motions. In the same vein, on March 6, Judge Torres also ruled on Daubert’s motion. The order gave an insight into which of the SEC’s and Ripple’s expert opinions Judge Torres will consider when making a summary judgment decision.

On May 16, Judge Torres issued her decision on the parties’ requests to seal cross-motions for summary judgment and accompanying exhibits. Part of the ruling saw Judge Torres deny SEC’s motion to seal Hinman’s docs.

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Hogan’s Speculation on SEC vs. Ripple End Date 

Following the pattern at which Judge Torres has issued major rulings in the case, attorney Hogan speculates that the final verdict of the lawsuit, which is the only major ruling left, might come in mid-July.

However, he clarified that his recent tweet is not a prediction but an observation of Judge Torres’ ruling pattern.

Notably, Hogan had previously predicted a possible end date for the lawsuit. Earlier this year, Hogan speculated that the summary judgment decision would come before March 31, 2023. However, things did not go according to his predictions, as Judge Torres has still not issued a final verdict to put an end to the legal battle.

Meanwhile, Hogan’s prediction comes less than a day after Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse speculated that Judge Torres would issue a verdict within weeks.

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