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A Comprehensive Long List Of Vechain Food Safety Use Cases


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The home event of the 2021 National Food Safety Promotion Week was held on Beijing on June 8. This event was led by the Office of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council and was currently the highest standard publicity event in the field of food safety. This year, State Councilor Wang Yong attended and gave a speech, emphasizing the need to vigorously promote the implementation of food safety strategies, and deepen the construction of the food credit system.

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Blockchain technology has irreplaceable advantages in building a food traceability system. VeChain is one of the first blockchain technology providers involved in this field. Vechain food safety Use cases summarized in this article span the overseas start-ups with Fortune 500 companies, beverages and agricultural products, etc.

China National Animal Health and Food Safety Innovation Alliance

VeChain joined the China National Animal Health and Food Safety Innovation Alliance (CAFA) and became a member of its board of directors. The alliance is a professional alliance under the framework of the “National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance”, which aims to build a shared collaboration platform for governments, associations, enterprises and scientific research institutes. VeChain will use its self-developed blockchain innovative technology products to enhance food safety management capabilities and supply chain transparency, and enhance consumer confidence.

Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform

Wei chain as a technical support parties were invited to a Xiwoerma China and China Chain Store & Franchise Association organized 2019 National Construction Safety Awareness Week symposium food traceability system in Beijing to witness the Wal-Mart China block chain traceability platform official launch with Vechain. By now The platform has included more than 100 products. By scanning the QR code on the product, customers can learn about the source of supply of the product and the geographic location information received by Wal-Mart, logistics process time, product inspection reports and other detailed information. The platform has won awards including “Dual Chain Award: Top Ten Blockchain Application Cases” .

Sam blockchain Traceability Platform

Wal-Mart’s high-end membership store, Sam’s Club , has quickly built its own Sam’s blockchain traceability platform based on the flexible technical architecture of the VeChain ToolChain™ platform. In a short period of time, more than 20 categories of products have been included in the Sam blockchain traceability platform-including Sam’s own brand Member’s Mark, a variety of fresh pork, chicken, vegetables, dry goods and other products.

Fresh Dairy Products of “Farm Lovers” Under Bright Milk

The “Farm Lovers” fresh dairy products of Bright Foods launched the BrightCode Commodity Confidence Index platform based on the VeChain blockchain.The platform implements a new business model of Internet of Things equipment + blockchain technology + third-party certification guarantees, monitors the data of the entire product process, and provides consumers with trustworthy and high-quality fresh products.

Pu’er Tea Traceability System in Yunnan Province

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The Yunnan Pu’er tea traceability system jointly initiated and developed by VeChain Technology, Cloud Chain Future, Lexun Technology, and Mengkurong has been awarded National important product traceability system certification. At the same time, Mengkurong’s 200,000 classic tea products have become the first batch of tea products to join the Pu’er tea traceability system in Yunnan Province.

KnowSeafood, A Cross-Border Food E-Commerce Platform

All aquatic products sold by the cross-border food e-commerce platform KnowSeafood from the fourth quarter of 2020, including Norwegian salmon, North Atlantic cod, wild red fish, Peruvian scallops, etc., will be traced through the whole life cycle of VeChain technology. KnowSeafood has built a credible link from farmers to consumers, and will expand its share of the North American imported aquatic product e-commerce market.

Norway In A Box

VeChain and DNV have joined hands with Norway In a Box to establish a trusted traceability platform, enabling Chinese consumers to enjoy high-quality products produced in Norway and other Nordic countries with peace of mind. As a start-up project of the cooperation, Norwegian salmon and other seafood products will be the first batch of products on the shopping platform. During the epidemic, imported salmon products, nucleic acid testing proved stored on the CD-chain block chain, consumers can check the scan code.

Sino-French Joint Food Traceability Blockchain Solution

VeChain attended the 2nd China International Import Expo and joined hands with DNV and the world’s leading international logistics and trade group-ASI Group to jointly launch a Sino-French joint food traceability blockchain solution. The Sino-French joint food traceability blockchain solution was the industry’s first product life cycle traceability management solution that combined blockchain and third-party authoritative verification.

Australia-China Supply Chain Alliance

“Australia-China Supply Chain Alliance” is an Asia-Pacific Food Import and Export Cooperation Association jointly initiated by the Australian government, food export agencies, industry standards associations, large food packaging companies and financial giants. It aims to empower cross-border food with blockchain technology Industry, build an efficient, transparent and reliable supply chain financial ecology. The standardized products and tools provided by VeChain can efficiently connect Australian food suppliers, logistics providers, financial service providers, sellers and end consumers within the alliance.

My Care Expands A New Use Case In The Food Field: Italian Agricultural Giant De Cecco

DNV announced the issuance of the My Care infection risk management compliance statement powered by VeChain blockchain technology to De Cecco, the world’s third largest pasta manufacturer. De Cecco can enhance their ability to control the epidemic risk in My Care methodology , including improvements located Fara San Martino Ortona and two pasta factory, an olive mill and a business center located in Pescara, including the various agencies Management level.

Yuhongtai Fresh Pork Blockchain Traceability Solution

Yuhongtai joined hands with VeChain to create a blockchain traceability solution for fresh pork, and took the lead in the implementation of the Meijiada Fresh Cloud Tea Min Pig product line.With the support of VeChain technology, food manufacturers can upload key data such as origin, processing flow, and logistics information to the VeChain blockchain to improve product safety and credibility, build a bridge of trust, and ensure that their high-quality products are highly matched Community users in first-tier cities as required.

A |Century-Old Beef Family Latitude 28°

In order to change the traditional supply chain model and protect product quality, one of Australia’s most influential beef producers, Latitude 28°, a century – old beef family, L28 and VeChain jointly launched a meat traceability solution based on VeChain’s blockchain . Combined with the data certification audit service provided by the third-party authoritative certification body DNV, L28’s products always follow the manufacturer’s unified and high-standard production from the origin to the terminal.

Cooperation With Anhui Tea Industry Association

At the Third Council of the Fourth Session of the Anhui Tea Industry Association and the 70th Anniversary Hui Tea Honors Ceremony of the Yuexi Forum for the Prosperity of the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Industry in New China, VeChain and the Anhui Tea Industry Association signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote the digital transformation of the tea industry. Provide blockchain solutions for more high-quality tea enterprise users, and gradually build an effective monitoring system for product data.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Wine Exhibition And Trade Center (DIG)

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Liquor Monopoly Administration instructed 13 companies including Shanghai VeChain Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Liquor Exhibition and Trade Center Co., Ltd. (DIG) to initiate the establishment of ” Shanghai Liquor “Blockchain-like Consortium” . When consumers buy imported red wine sold by DIG, they can scan the QR code on the bottle to obtain basic product information, traceability information and wine details.

Please comment below about your thoughts on Vechain food safety Use cases.

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