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Bitcoin (BTC) And Crypto Fear And Greed Index Bull Run Prediction, New Meme Coins, And ApeMax


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While investor sentiment in the crypto market is improving and currently at a stable and neutral level, a number of new meme coins and utility tokens have been enjoying a bullish spring this year. Many of these new meme coins rely on hype and humor, while the new utility coins on offer focus on delivering unique tokenomics and functionality. Could the success of new meme coins offering both fun and real utility lead the next crypto bull run

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In this extensive guide, we will examine and define the crypto fear and greed index. This report explores and analyzes the key metrics that are taken into account by experts and industry analysts to compute the crypto fear and greed index, emphasizing key factors and discussing relevant historical crypto market events and their impact on the crypto fear and greed index.

This concise guide relies on current market data, industry patterns, insights from analysts, and information sourced from expert research.

This article also presents ApeMax, an innovative cryptocurrency coin that is gaining attention in the industry due to its revolutionary Boost-to-Earn staking tokenomics and its rapidly expanding crypto presale.

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What is the Fear and Greed Index for Cryptos?

The Fear and Greed Index is an analytical indicator used in the crypto markets to assess buyer sentiment. It is measured by a value between 0 and 100, with 1 indicating extreme fear and 100 indicating extreme greed. When the market is in a state of fear, traders tend to sell, while during a state of greed, they are more inclined to buy. The index follows a simple principle: when the market rises, like during a bull run, greed increases, leading to higher price movements. Conversely, when the market crashes, fear sets in, resulting in panic selling and a bearish trend.

How is the Fear and Greed Index for Cryptocurrency computed?

Generally, the Fear and Greed Index in crypto markets are based on the data from the following metrics and sources:

  • Volatility
  • Volume
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Dominance
  • Google Search Trends

How is the Crypto Fear and Greed Index in June 2023?

According to relevant and timely data, the Fear and Greed Index is currently neutral. If we look at the historical variations of the Crypto Fear and Greed Index for Bitcoin, we notice a number of noteworthy periods and trends.

First, this index generally remains in the greed range and rarely experiences prolonged periods of extreme fear. It also indicates that Bitcoin sentiment has shown correlation with significant events in the cryptocurrency industry during the past two years.

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Notably, the index reached its lowest point in March 2020 amidst the panic surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. Both the financial markets and the crypto markets, including coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Terra, and Ripple, experienced sell-offs during this period.

Furthermore, the highest point on the index was reached in February 2021, following Bitcoin’s surge from $20,000 to $56,000. This period coincided with the substantial profit opportunities presented by a period dubbed as the “DeFi Summer”. The index remained in the extreme greed range for over a month until news of China’s mining ban emerged, causing a significant drop.

Generally, the index shows high volatility in response to breaking news or declining prices. It can also remain in the greed and extreme greed levels for extended periods. Overall, the variations in the index show that the sentiment towards Bitcoin has predominantly been positive over the past two years.

If anything, the Crypto Fear and Greed Index demonstrates to what extent crypto markets are mostly driven by emotions and swings in consumer sentiment and confidence.

New meme coins and new utility tokens.

At the forefront of emotional driven coins stand the meme coins. A number of meme coins have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years or months, mostly following a pattern of extraordinary sharp climbs, followed by a decline, and then a more stable period. Originally launched as a joke, Dogecoin rose to a stunning $0.64 from a low of $0.0025 in April 2021, only to settle around $0.073 in May this year.

With no shortage of new funny or cute meme coins being launched every day, buyers may now start looking for more meaningful coins offering clear functionality and purpose.

What is ApeMax coin?

ApeMax coin stands out with its unique staking tokenomics known as Boost-to-Earn. Token holders have the opportunity to stake their ApeMax coins by boosting various entities such as creators, celebrities, Web3 projects, charities, and crypto protocols.

This innovative method of upvoting benefits both the stakeholders and the entities being staked, offering a fresh approach to engaging and rewarding the Web3 community, potentially revolutionizing online interactions.

In a crowded crypto market filled with meme coins lacking utility, ApeMax emerges as a promising coin worth exploring, earning its place as one of the top new crypto presales to monitor.

4 reasons why people are buying ApeMax coin

ApeMax has 4 major advantages:

  1. Instant coin availability and self-custody: ApeMax coins are immediately available when purchased.
  2. Immediate staking: ApeMax coins can be immediately staked, allowing holders to start earning more ApeMax
  3. Low gas cost: ApeMax is optimized for low on gas and is on the Binance Smart Chain. Minting and staking gas costs are negligible, making ApeMax a truly efficient utility token.
  4. A Disruptive Defi Model: ApeMax offers cutting edge tokenomics and a new model to show your appreciation for projects and people while earning.

Conclusion, is ApeMax the next shooting star?

With its innovative staking mechanism, ApeMax is a newly launched crypto coin that provides disruptive utility, and holds the potential for real disruption.

Crypto investments are not suitable for everyone, and careful and independent consideration and research is advised as crypto coins can be highly volatile and not suitable for everyone’s risk tolerance or preferences.

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