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Terra Classic L1JTF Upgrades Testnet to V2.1.0, Bringing LUNC Closer to Parity


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The Terra Classic L1 team completes the dress rehearsal upgrade to v2.1.0, bringing LUNC closer to parity with the Cosmos and Luna 2.0 networks.

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The Terra Classic (LUNC) Layer-1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) continues to make progress on the Q2 development work. The team just completed the dress rehearsal upgrade, which updated the rebel-2 testnet to v2.1.0. This suggests that work towards parity is going as planned, without significant glitches.

LuncBurnArmy (LBA), the project manager for the L1 team, disclosed the impressive feat in a tweet today. Recall that the team scheduled May 31 for the v2.1.0 testnet upgrade. Completing the upgrade as scheduled underscores the team’s efforts at hitting their set goals.

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Notably, the rebel-2 testnet v2.1.0 upgrade serves as a dress rehearsal upgrade, allowing the development team to uncover any issues with the update before eventually pushing it to the mainnet. Now that the testnet upgrade is successful, the team will release the results for discussion and subsequently set up a proposal for the mainnet upgrade.

LBA stressed that they must set up the governance proposal before June 7. This will give the community ample time to vote on the proposal before June 14, which is the scheduled date of the mainnet upgrade.

If the governance voting passes and the team upgrades LUNC’s mainnet to v2.1.0 on June 14, it would essentially update the Cosmwasm framework to v1.1.0. This update will enable Terra Classic to achieve parity with the Cosmos and Luna 2.0 blockchains. Consequently, developers on these blockchains can bring their projects to LUNC, bolstering the utility of Terra Classic.

Minimum Terra Classic Validator Commission

The rebel-2 testnet upgrade comes a few days after the L1 team rescheduled the date for the mainnet upgrade to allow them to carry out more tests, as reported by The Crypto Basic. The team also proposed to increase the minimum commission rate for validators on the Terra Classic network.

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In his latest remarks, LBA noted that they had included this feature in the v2.1.0 upgrade. Consequently, when the mainnet upgrade to v2.1.0 materializes, all LUNC validators can only set their fees to 5% or higher, as the network will not allow any rate lower than that. This feature would stop validators from undercutting one another to gain an advantage.

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