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Deaton Foresees Ripple IPO Within a Year Post-Lawsuit With $100B Valuation


Crypto lawyer John Deaton suggests Ripple’s potential IPO could lead to a valuation surpassing $100 billion, aligning with previous analyst projections.

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In a recent interview, Pro XRP lawyer John Deaton expressed his thoughts on the growing discussion around Ripple’s potential initial public offering (IPO) as the end of the protracted lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) draws nearer.

Deaton noted that Ripple was on track for an IPO before the lawsuit was filed and that if the company achieves a complete victory in the case against the SEC, an IPO could be expected within a year.

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Experts See Ripple Valuation Over $100B

Furthermore, Deaton highlighted Ripple’s internal valuation, estimated at $15 billion when it bought out its series three investors. He noted that this valuation was based on Ripple’s 45 billion XRP tokens ownership.

The lawyer theorized that if XRP reached $2 per token, Ripple’s valuation would soar to $100 billion, surpassing the current value of Coinbase, which stands at $15 billion. He also shared his personal belief that Coinbase is undervalued due to the lack of regulatory clarity impacting the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Notably, Deaton’s estimation aligns with the view of Linda Jones, a  Wall Street financial expert with over 25 years of experience who recently estimated that Ripple’s share would grow twenty times bigger, as reported by The Crypto Basic.

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Specifically, the financial analyst envisioned a scenario where XRP reaches its previous peak value of $3.59, which would result in a valuation of $150 billion for Ripple’s escrowed XRP holdings alone.

In a similar conversation thread, Linda Jones advised that Ripple should perform its IPO when XRP is low-priced to avert any issues resulting from an oversized market cap, as reported by The Crypto Basic.

Ultimately, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the end of the multi-year court cases against the SEC for Ripple to become a publicly traded firm, which experts have argued would cause a seismic shift in the price of XRP.

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