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XRP Community on High Alert as 21M XRP Lost in Atomic Wallet Hack


XRP community faces a significant hack, leading to urgent calls for migration as users of Atomic Wallet are at risk due to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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In a shocking turn of events, the XRP community is reeling from what has been described as one of the largest hacks in the crypto scene. The hack cut across several communities and exposed a vulnerability in Atomic Wallet, a popular multi-currency wallet.

Martin Hiesboeck, the Head of Research at Uphold Exchange, took to Twitter to express his concerns about the incident. Hiesboeck noted that over 594K XRP had been stolen, but further data suggests this figure might be up to 21 million XRP.

While describing the hack episode as “the biggest hacks in the history of crypto,” he emphasized the pressing need for improved cybersecurity in decentralized finance (DeFi).

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Hiesboeck further suggested that responsible and transparent platforms like Uphold could be a safer alternative with their round-the-clock cybersecurity operations. Recall that a top executive at Uphold said XRP met all exchange listing criteria, followed by a launch of OTC for XRP investors, as reported by The Crypto Basic.

Urgent Calls for XRP Investors to Migrate 

Wietse Wind, an XRPL developer, urged those who generated their accounts with Atomic Wallet to take immediate action by either rekeying their accounts or transferring their funds to a new Xumm-generated account, as their assets were at risk due to their previous association with Atomic Wallet.

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An XRPL validator node operator, Chris Thompson, echoed a similar sentiment, cautioning users against cross-contaminating their keys. Thompson emphasized the need to establish new wallet addresses in any new wallet app and promptly transfer funds to mitigate the ongoing risk of the atomic hack.

XRP Forensics revealed that approximately 700 XRPL accounts were breached, with a potential loss of 21 million XRP worth over $11 million. The organization stressed the importance of creating an entirely new account rather than simply importing the existing account into a different wallet app.


With the extent of the breach becoming evident, affected users are encouraged to act swiftly to safeguard their assets by moving their funds to a new account. ZachXBT, a notable on-chain sleuth, estimates the total stolen funds across all assets to be above $35 million.

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