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EarnBIT Becomes First Live Streaming Crypto Exchange


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As the crypto space becomes more crowded, new platforms struggle to stand out. One competitive advantage is both sustainable and unique – a smart fusion of live streaming and trading. Created and championed by EarnBIT, it is a groundbreaking addition to its fast-growing ecosystem. 

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Smooth spot trading, diverse market analysis tools, and quick exchange services are quite common. This company is exploring new terrain beyond hassle-free transactions with low fees. Live streams will soon become an integral part of the EarnBIT trading environment, bringing the enhanced convenience and synergy of merged services. 

Making live streams more practical than ever

Live streams devoted to all things crypto are nothing new. Lately, they have been gathering steam on platforms like Twitch. Popular streamers, some of whom boast tens of thousands of viewers, showcase their real-time trades in the crypto market, explaining strategies and giving advice. 

This format is highly flexible, with content ranging from trades to interviews to Q&As. It is proven to be more engaging than blogs and pre-recorded videos, with supreme authenticity, interaction, and accessibility. Yet the crypto live stream niche is still relatively small, with 466K followers on Twitch compared to 62M users following Grand Theft Auto V at press time. 

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Direct integration places EarnBIT at a unique advantage. Without leaving the page with their trading tools, users will choose from an in-built list of ongoing streams with the speakers’ performance metrics. Hence, no more interruptions to juggle apps, websites, or pages.

Why this matters 

This change might seem minor at first glance, but it may prove to be a powerful learning enhancer. The need to constantly switch between platforms, apps, or screens has a negative effect on focus. The new format makes learning by doing – widely regarded as the most effective method – seamless. 

There is plenty of research showing that live streaming is conducive to learning, particularly for Millennials and Gen Z. Viewers watch experts as they solve problems in real time, ask questions, communicate with peers, and clear any doubts through live chat. These benefits go far beyond crypto – for example, thousands of coders now learn by watching engineers code live on dedicated platforms. 

Within the broader context of crypto business, EarnBIT Streaming is a trailblazer that may inspire many followers. EarnBIT CEO Philipp Girusov describes the company’s mission as “redefining learning in the crypto space.” He adds, “Once we add streaming to the mix in the coming months, EarnBIT will become the first crypto live streaming platform, a truly unique ecosystem… No other crypto exchange merges live streaming with trading. These elements co-exist, but never intertwine. We are changing that.”

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More and more crypto services become fused and embedded, such as connecting to wallets on third-party exchanges via API. The user experience is becoming seamless, with intuitive, flawless transitions that help companies achieve more. EarnBIT Chief Business Development Officer Igor Glavatskiy notes, “As our ecosystem merges entertainment and crypto trading, and both industries are growing rapidly, we can achieve two goals at once: popularize crypto and grow trusted traders in the community.”

Benefits for users and influencers 

From content creators’ perspective, there are several arguments in favor of in-built crypto  streaming:

  • Instant connection to the target audience. Content creators can expand their reach exponentially by interacting with a rapidly growing audience of crypto traders.
  • Clear monetization. Streaming on EarnBIT comes with a ready model for monetizing knowledge. Its lifeblood is EBT, the utility token of the exchange. It will be used, among other things, for sending donations to favorite streamers.
  • Gaining and boosting credibility. Aspiring trading influencers can build reputation faster through immediate exposure to the crypto community and clear performance metrics highlighting the best talent.
  • Chance to explore and support an innovative format. Crypto live streams on EarnBIT are a pioneering solution. Traders, mentors, and industry experts can now join it at an early stage, maximizing the potential benefits. 

EarnBIT ecosystem

EarnBIT is a crypto exchange with a growing range of add-ons, positioned as a unique ecosystem in the digital asset economy. At present, the platform offers spot trading with a range of market tools, quick crypto exchange, a launchpad, and other services. Licensed in the EU, it is determined to redefine learning for traders of all levels. In the coming months, the company is launching EarnBIT Streaming alongside a private sale and airdrop of its utility token EBT. 

More information about EarnBIT is available on its official website and Telegram channel.

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