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XRP Community Reacts As Max Keiser Again Attacks XRP


Prominent Bitcoin maxi Max Keiser stirred the XRP community once again with his scathing view; XRP enthusiasts think he’s obsessed.

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In a recent Twitter exchange, tensions reached a boiling point when prominent Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser took to Twitter once more to launch another scathing attack on XRP.

The stimulation was the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against Binance, in which Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Binance Coin (BNB) were labeled as unregistered securities.

Keiser, known for his unwavering support for Bitcoin and skepticism towards other cryptocurrencies, tweeted, “Sorry XRP idiots,” accompanied by a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt proudly displaying the phrase “I told you so.” 

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Keiser’s tweet mentions XRP, but it should be noted that SEC’s recent filing against Binance and Coinbase does not mention XRP as security. Keiser mentioned the Benzinga post, which also has no mention of XRP, Wich shows Keiser is pointing at XRP uselessly.

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An XRP enthusiast promptly replied to Keiser’s tweet, suggesting that the Bitcoin maximalist was displaying signs of fear towards XRP.

The tweet read, “The BTC Maxi seems scared of XRP. His post has nothing to do with XRP, but it’s certainly on his mind.”


Crypto Lawyer Weighs in

Adding fuel to the fire, pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan joined the conversation, expressing his belief that Keiser not only fears but also harbors an unhealthy obsession with XRP. Morgan remarked:

“Max Keiser is both terrified of and obsessed with XRP. I think he may be unwell.”


Morgan’s comment suggested that the XRP community perceived Keiser’s repeated attacks as a sign of deep-seated insecurity and even questioned his mental well-being.

As reported by The Crypto Basic two weeks ago, Keiser called XRP a sh.tcoin, sparking widespread criticism from the XRP community. He has also argued in support of the SEC that XRP is security — a claim the Ripple and XRP communities have vehemently contested in multiple court appearances.

This exchange highlights the ongoing tensions between Bitcoin proponents and supporters of XRP. Within the XRP community, these confrontations with Max Keiser have become a recurring theme, with XRP enthusiasts consistently defending their chosen crypto.

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