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The Sandbox (Sand) Plummets By 15%: Will It Hit A Fresh Low?


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The crypto market is a roller coaster, and investors are having a wild ride as the majority of cryptos are bearish across the board and prices are falling every day. This has caused most investors to cut their losses and stay liquid until bullish momentum resumes.

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Sandbox, a leading P2E in the crypto industry, has had its fair share of bearish momentum this year. The price of its token keeps falling every day, and it looks like the holders are in deep trouble. Analysts are saying this new P2E is the best bet for Sandbox investors to make up losses on their portfolios and rake in over 10,000% returns in 2023.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the analysis of the future price prediction for Sandbox, everything you need to know about this new P2E coin, and why investors think it will outperform Sandbox and Decentraland in 2023.

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Sandbox Price Prediction For 2023

To say Sandbox fell from the sky wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It’s been over 18 months since Sandbox reached its all-time high price of $8.5. The price of its token has since dropped over 93% from its all-time high, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. Sandbox had fallen over 12% in the last 7 days.

Reports have it that 91% of Sandbox investors are holding their portfolios at a loss, and only a small 6% of investors are making a profit. With the rate at which Sandbox’s price is dropping, it’s only a matter of time before all its investors are neck-deep in losses if there is no positive news to propel the price upwards.

Technical analysis shows that the price may recover and rally as high as $2. In the event that the price breaks and retests the $0.4 level, we may see the price of SAND plummet as low as $0.189.

Nonetheless, experts believe that for the price of Sandbox to recover and reach its former all-time high, it will need a strong catalyst. This is why most Sandbox investors are transitioning to Pikamoon for massive profits in 2023.

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What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a leading GameFi project that is set to transform the crypto industry with its native token, $PIKA. The $PIKA token is the sole means of exchange in the Pikaverse, making it a highly valuable token. Aside from this, $PIKA is a deflationary token that is naturally designed to increase in value over time.

This is one of the major reasons the $PIKA token is highly coveted by investors. A designated 5% of every token used in the Pikamoon in-game marketplace is to be permanently burned. This system is put in place to continually reduce the number of $PIKA tokens in circulation.

This strategically created scarcity will ultimately lead to an increase in the value of the tokens as demand will increase and supply will drop. So no matter how you roll the dice, Pikamoon investors will always be making money, and their portfolio will grow exponentially over time.

When the Pikamoon team set out to create the project, their primary goal was to create a P2E that would outperform its forebears and truly reward gamers for their effort. This is why they spared no expense in creating the greatest P2E of all time. The Pikamoon game is built on the best gaming engine in the industry, Unreal Engine 5, so you can let your imaginations run wild. From immersive images that will transform your gaming experience to HD graphics that will have you glued to your screen, the Pikamoon game has it all. This is why gamers in all crypto communities are restlessly anticipating the Pikamoon launch.

Smart investors are already a step ahead as they are buying up tokens for the lowest price they will ever be in the ongoing Pikamoon presale.

Pikmoon Presale: The Easiest Way To Make Massive Profit In 2023

The Pikamoon presale is everything analysts predicted it to be and more. Investors and crypto whales are doing the most, as they are bagging up massive amounts of $PIKA tokens in anticipation of the jump in price.

Pikamoon is in the second round of its presale, and each token is selling out for as little as $0.0004. The third and last round of the presale will see the price of tokens reach $0.0006 or more.

Investors are capitalizing on this jump in price to make massive profits even before the launch of the coin. Why aren’t you? Get on the Pikamoon presale now!

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