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Expert Reveals Factors Driving Ripple Shares Surge, Dispels Insider Knowledge Notion


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Wall Street expert analyzes the surging prices of Ripple shares on Linqto, attributing it to growing retail investor demand and anticipation of an IPO.

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In the recent development surrounding the surging prices of Ripple shares on Linqto, a platform that allows investors to buy a firm’s share pre-IPO, renowned financial expert Linda Jones has shared her expert analysis on the subject. 

Recall that The Crypto Basic reported that Ripple’s share is up by 60% within a seven-day window on Linqto. Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, widely known as BitBoy, speculated that the rise could be driven by insider knowledge of the Ripple vs. SEC case.

However, in a recent tweet, Jones provided valuable insights into the factors contributing to the price increase and debunked notions of insider knowledge, highlighting the growing demand for Ripple shares and the anticipation of an impending initial public offering (IPO).

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According to Jones, an increase in the number of investors purchasing the stock is the primary factor contributing to the price surge. She pointed out that a new technology implemented by Ripple provides enhanced liquidity, resulting in a price increase with each trade.

Contrary to speculation around insider knowledge, Jones argued that the surge in Ripple share prices is not a result of insiders having privileged information but retail investors perceiving an imminent IPO and subsequently increasing their investments. 

Ripple Share Surge Because It’s Cheap

Furthermore, the Wall Street financial expert further pointed out that the valuation of Ripple appears to be relatively low, making it an attractive investment opportunity for retail. 

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She recalled her recent back-of-the-envelope calculation about Ripple’s valuation, as reported by The Crypto Basic, to reinforce the notion that the current price presents an appealing investment proposition.

The growing interest in Ripple and the anticipation of an IPO have also fueled ongoing discussions around Ripple’s lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). BitBoy sees the surge in Ripple share prices as an indication of a successful outcome in the legal battle.

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