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The Sandbox And Decentraland Prices Holding Steady, Tradecurve Surging Ahead With Another 25% Increase


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Trading volume for The Sandbox And Decentraland has grown exponentially over the last five days after Apple announced its new XR headset. This new innovation could be a game changer for both projects, making their worlds easier to access.

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However, a recent SEC lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase has caused both The Sandbox And Decentraland to decrease in price. Meanwhile, Tradecurve continues to surge ahead and is currently on track for another 25% price increase.


The Sandbox Investors Sell Following Price Collapse

The Sandbox experienced a huge surge in value this week, rising to $0.61. This caused trading volume to triple from $120 million to $366 million as investors anticipated additional price increases.

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However, this rally was called short after the SEC announced it will be filing a lawsuit against two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, which has sent the crypt market into a state of shock.

As a result, The Sandbox has decreased in price by 15.29% in just five days, with tokens trading at $0.4865 at the time of writing. Following this decline, The Sandbox has also seen a 42.31% crash in its daily trading volume, which was $110 million on the 8th June.

Given that the Apple XR could dramatically speed up The Sandbox’s adoption, The Sandbox still has a strong investor base of investors thinking long term. That being said, The Sandbox is likely to remain turbulent throughout June as the market adapts to new regulations.

Decentraland Breaks $0.5 Barrier Before Crashing

Decentraland (MANA) has followed a similar trend to The Sandbox, increasing dramatically in value before crashing. At the start of the week, Decentraland hit a monthly high of $0.53 before crashing in value by 10.83% to $0.4311.

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This decline is a huge blow to the Decentraland community, which has been thriving following the release of several Decentraland worlds. Decentraland’s daily trading volume has now dropped below $100 million to $78 million at the time of writing, a 33.24% decrease in the last 24 hours.

While some investors are taking a long-term approach to Decentraland, those thinking short-term are now looking to diversify as their returns turn into losses.

Tradecurve Prepares For Another 25% Price Increase

While much of the cryptocurrency market braces for additional price declines, Tradecurve is on track for another price increase as stage three of its presale quickly sells out. Over 55% of the rounds supply has sold out in just ten days, making Tradecurve one of the fastest selling projects in the market.

Tradecurve is in a unique position in that the recent SEC lawsuit could benefit the project. While most centralized exchanges are likely to lose customers, there will be an increase in demand for decentralized alternatives. Tradecurve, a hybrid exchange, could offer them the best solution. Being fully decentralized, Tradecurve lets investors trade assets anonymously without needing to pass KYC checks.

In addition, Tradecurve will also offer a huge range of assets, including traditional investments such as stocks and commodities, which can be traded using crypto as collateral. The platform also offers fast execution and deep liquidity, as well as several educational tools for investors.

Tradecurve tokens are currently selling for $0.015 during the project’s presale, though they will increase to $0.018 after stage three sells out, which is expected to occur before the end of June.

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