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Shiba Inu Community Discovers SHIB Lead Developer’s Physical Product


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Prominent Shiba Inu influencer calls SHIB enthusiasts to follow a new Twitter account.

Prominent Shiba Inu influencer Kuro Shibarmy JPN may have unveiled the much-anticipated “physical” product expected to roll out soon. 

Kusama Teases Launch of a SHIB-Themed Physical Product

For context, Shiba Inu lead developer, brought smiles to the faces of SHIB enthusiasts yesterday after he tweeted that something physical was coming.

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With Kusama not sharing further details, the tweet generated widespread speculation among SHIB enthusiasts. Many people flocked to the comment section to figure out what the “physical” product might be.

Interestingly, Lucie, an official Shiba Inu marketing team member, also shared a similar teaser about this upcoming physical product. Unlike Kusama, Lucie attached part of the product’s logo, which kept members of the Shiba Inu community guessing.


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SHIB Enthusiasts Points to This

Less than 24 hours after the Shiba Inu team members shared the teaser, a SHIB enthusiast with the pseudonym “Danger” tweeted an image with the caption “I guess the Shiba is out of the back.”

The image has a logo named “Shibacals.” At the top of the logo is a slogan titled “physical & digital studio.”


This did not seem much as of yesterday. Surprisingly, prominent Shiba Inu influencer Kuro also tweeted about “Shibacals” today. This time, he asked Shiba Inu community members if they had followed Shibacals on Twitter. The Shiba Inu influencer added that he “can’t wait to see what happens” with Shibacals.


Is Shibacals the Product?  

Following Kuro’s tweet, we analyzed Shibacals’ Twitter account and discovered it was created in March 2023. The full name of the Twitter account is “Shibacals Collaboration Studio.” 

According to the account’s bio, Shibacals produces high-quality physical items with a digital component for the Shiba Inu community. Since its launch In March 2023, Shibacals has only posted one tweet, “Is this thing on?” The tweet has gotten 99 likes, 40 comments, and 38 retweets.


The account follows only Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk. Interestingly, Shibacals Twitter account has a total of 341 followers in the hours leading up to press time.

So far, no popular Shiba Inu’s official team members have confirmed whether Shibacals is the “something physical” Kusama teased about.

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