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Cardano Founder Ventures on Ocean Expedition in Search of Alien Technology


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Cardano founder embarks on a groundbreaking ocean expedition searching for alien technology – a development that has stirred excitement in the community.

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has embarked on a groundbreaking ocean expedition alongside a team of scientists searching for potential alien technology. Hoskinson generously funded and accompanied the scientists on their quest to recover fragments from a mysterious object that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014.

The expedition commenced earlier this week, with Hoskinson’s private jet transporting the team from the United States to Australia.

“Ready for the next haul. Wish us luck,” Hoskinson remarked in a tweet early today.

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Notably, the expedition is spearheaded by Avi Loeb, a prominent Israeli-American astronomer and Professor at Harvard, who initially identified the object in the quest as an interstellar meteor originating from outside our solar system. 

Due to its extraordinary material strength, Loeb has theorized that this interstellar meteor may have been launched by a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization billions of years ago. Determined to uncover the truth, he organized an expedition to the crash site near Papua New Guinea’s coast.

Cardano Founder Donates $1.5M to the Explorers 

Recognizing the need for substantial financial backing, the Cardano founder Hoskinson generously provided $1.5 million in funding for the expedition in March. He confirmed doing so in a tweet in April and expressed excitement about the possibility of discovering alien artifacts.

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This generosity got the attention of the crypto community. One Texas-based crypto investor identified as Murari took to Twitter to express astonishment, directly addressing Hoskinson himself.

After humorously committing to invest her life savings into Cardano’s ADA, given Hoskinson’s involvement, the crypto enthusiast applauded Hoskinson’s curiosity and determination and wished him and the team the best.

The Progress of the Expedition

Avi Loeb has been actively documenting the expedition’s progress through his blog. Recently, the team discovered a peculiarly curved wire. Notably, its chemical composition was distinctly different from human-made alloys. 

Further analysis will ascertain whether another civilization technologically manufactured the wire.

It is worth mentioning that the quest for alien artifacts offers a welcome distraction from recent regulatory challenges. After The Crypto Basic reported the US regulator’s actions action against Cardano, Hoskinson sought solace at the Alien Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, playfully stating that he was “hanging out with the aliens.”

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