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$1.4 Trillion Asset Manager Franklin Templeton Bets Big On Blockchain, Traders Bet On Tradecurve


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Franklin Templeton, one of the biggest digital asset managers in the world, is adding more crypto to their portfolio, showing their bullishness and following the famous advice of buying when the market is fearful. Tradecurve is offering a hybrid exchange model that allows those bullish on crypto to add it to their portfolio, enabling them to trade with the ease of a financial institution like Franklin Templeton.

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Why are Franklin Templeton so bullish on crypto?

The huge asset manager first became interested in crypto for practical reasons, as they were managing thousands of ledgers and realized that blockchain technology could greatly improve their efficiency and reduce costs. This led them to learn more about crypto and blockchain, even building their own crypto wallet.

Despite recent regulatory issues, Franklin Templeton envisions cryptocurrencies becoming a mainstream investable asset class as regulators become more comfortable with the industry. They encourage internal dialogue and knowledge-sharing to contribute valuable insights to the crypto ecosystem.

Franklin Templeton’s bullish stance on Bitcoin reflects the growing confidence of institutional investors in digital assets and their commitment to embracing the transformative power of cryptocurrencies.

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In a recent interview with Franklin Tempeton’s Sandy Kaul, she revealed that they see potential not just for Bitcoin but for the whole space, saying, “I think one of the issues we have right now is that people fixate too much on just Bitcoin and oftentimes don’t think about the broader ecosystem.” She also noted that “Bitcoin is a huge innovation, and we think it’s going to have massive opportunities in the future.”

As the price of BTC and altcoins is currently low due to recent issues, this presents an excellent buying opportunity.

Where does Tradecurve fit in?

While giants like Franklin Templeton have easy access to financial instruments such as indices, stocks, forex, commodities like gold, and more, this can be more challenging for retail players, who are often restricted by regulations, geographical issues, or lack of knowledge.

Tradecurve aims to solve all this by offering a hybrid and borderless trading terminal. Think of the insights from a platform such as TradingView, the freedom and transparency of decentralized platforms like UniSwap, and the flexibility of a traditional brokerage mixed with a crypto trading platform. Now add in a learning academy, the ability to do copy trading and use AI algorithmic bots, and we are getting close to what Tradecurve is offering.

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Other significant benefits include the fact that no KYC is needed, traders can use their crypto as collateral to get high leverage starting at 500:1, and that by being on the blockchain, any crypto stored there is in self-custody.

Clearly, retail investors are excited about all of this as Tradecurve, currently in presale, has just announced that they have on-boarded 10,000 members and are staying focused on their goal of reaching 100,000 members within the first three months of launch.

TCRV is in stage 3 of the presale at $0.015. It is forecasted that the price will rise by 50x in the presale and possibly 100x after the token goes live.

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