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US Politician Admires Shiba Inu Price Pump Says, ‘Thanks We Are Not PEPE’


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US politician Shannon Bray expresses gratitude for Shiba Inu’s price pump, acknowledges SHIB’s advantage over Pepe, and calls for sustained momentum.

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A prominent US politician, Shannon Bray, publicly appreciates the price pump of Shiba Inu (SHIB), expressing gratitude for not being in Pepe (PEPE) and acknowledging SHIB’s advantage in the market recovery.


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Recall The Crypto Basic’s report barely a week ago when the US politician exhibited unparalleled support for Shiba Inu by stating that once he gets a new pay, buying SHIB coins would be one of the first things he would do.

This time, given Shiba Inu’s landmark recovery in the crypto market, Bray encouraged the Shib army to sustain the positive momentum. He called for continued action, urging SHIB enthusiasts to tweet about crypto using SHIB throughout the day to generate excitement.

Bray’s tweet also highlighted the privileged position of the Shiba Inu army for being listed on the Robinhood exchange, arguing that the PEPE coin, SHIB’s closest rival, would never attain such a feat. 

Pepe Community Reacts

While reinforcing the SHIB army’s sense of camaraderie, the shot Bray took against the PEPE coin did not sit well with the PEPE community.

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Responding to Bray’s initial tweet, a crypto enthusiast highlights that there is no animosity towards the PEPE community and draws a comparison between dogs and frogs coexisting in nature.

Bray responds, reaffirming that he did not intend to create any conflict. He explains that he intended to remind the SHIB Army of the privilege they currently enjoy, considering the unlikelihood of a rival token being listed on Robinhood.

In a subsequent reply to a tweet, Shannon Bray addresses the PEPE community, emphasizing that his earlier remarks were not intended to offend. Bray clarifies that he does not expect another community token to be hosted on Robinhood anytime soon, thereby highlighting SHIB’s significant advantage in the market recovery.


With Shiba available on multiple exchanges despite the massive delisting of other prominent coins, Bray hopes the PEPE community will also experience a positive pump. Shiba Inu has seen over 10% growth in the last seven days, becoming the 17th biggest crypto while reclaiming a $4 billion market cap.

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