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Binance Coin And Litecoin Down Over 10% On Weekly Chart, TCRV Up Over 80% On The Monthly


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Some of the most notable cryptocurrencies have been massacred in terms of value, with dips of over 10%, sending investors into a frenzy to look for alternatives to get into and make up for their losses. The TCRV token used across the Tradecurve platform saw a jump by a total of 80% on the monthly chart, motivating many investors to diversify with it.

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Binance Coin Saw a Decline of Over 10%

Binance Coin trades at a value of $237.26 as of June 16, 2023, and the cryptocurrency saw a rapid decline in its value within the last month. A decrease of 23.1% occurred in the past 30 days alone, with 9.3% of those coming in during the last week for Binance Coin.

Going over the weekly performance behind Binance Coin, the low point was at $224.22, with the high point at a value of $262.14. Binance Coin is also currently trading 65.48% lower than its all-time high, which occurred on May 10, 2021, at $686.31. With this in mind, it is no wonder why Binance Coin holders have begun diversifying.

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Litecoin Bearish With its Recent Price Movements

Aside from Binance Coin, we also saw a rapid decrease in the value of Litecoin based on the chart. As of June 16, 2023, Litecoin trades at $75.49. In the last week, Litecoin saw its low point at $72.51, with its high point at $89.69.

The all-time high for Litecoin was on May 10, 2021, at $410.26. This means that today, Litecoin trades 81.68% under that point of value. In addition, Litecoin decreased by a total of 18.2% in the last month and by 15.9% in the last week alone.

Tradecurve is Up 80% In Its Monthly Chart

While Binance Coin and Litecoin are dipping in value, Tradecurve is up 80%. Specifically, the TCRV token, used for a wide range of cases across the ecosystem, has seen a massive level of momentum and appeal during its presale stage.

TCRV is used for governance, staking through which anyone can earn passive income and discounts on subscription fees.

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Stage 3 of the TCRV presale ended much quicker than anticipated, and Stage 4 started with a flying momentum, as 17,974,266 TCRV tokens have already been sold in a single day.

1 TCRV token trades for $0.018 after a jump of 80% within the last month. This growth has been fueled by Tradecurve’s privacy-oriented approach, where there are no KYC requirements and where the exchange is not just limited to crypto, as users can trade any other derivative.

Tradecurve solves the fundamental issue most CEXs have, such as requiring users to submit KYC documents, removing privacy and anonymity, and having high fees that can eat up any capital gains made through trading.

Tradecurve will have transparent pricing and will implement Proof of Reserves (PoR). With all of these aspects taken into consideration, analysts predict that TCRV can climb even further, by 100x when it launches.

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