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Shiba Inu Puppyscan Undergoes Resets and Updates, Revealing Strong Progress in Shibarium


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Lucie’s tweet about the reset and update of Puppyscan reveals a surge in daily transactions, fueling excitement among enthusiasts.

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In a recent tweet, Lucie, the Shiba Inu official Content Marketing Specialist, announced the reset and update of Puppyscan, the renowned block explorer for the Shiba Inu.

The tweet featured a screenshot showcasing a remarkable surge in daily transactions, reaching an impressive 288,602 as of June 17.

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Puppyscan Reset Awakens Shiba Inu Community 

Lucie’s tweet about resetting Puppyscan created a wave of enthusiasm among Shiba Inu enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the progress of Shibarium, the Layer 2 protocol for Shiba Inu.

One passionate Shiba Inu enthusiast responded to Lucie’s tweet, acknowledging that resets and updates are common during beta testing. He emphasized that each step forward lays a robust foundation for the ecosystem’s growth.

The announcement also drew the attention of an acclaimed Shiba Inu Warrior, who expressed optimism about the promising signs of progress. His comment resonated with the wider Shiba Army community, supporting the ecosystem’s advancement.

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“This is promising signs of progress,” Shiba Inu Warrior remarked.


Shiba Inu Puppyscan

Puppyscan is a comprehensive resource that provides crucial information about transactions, blocks, and wallets on the Shibarium test net. With its recent reset and update, the platform has undergone improvements to serve the growing needs of the community better.

Additional details on Puppyscan’s website further underline the ecosystem’s impressive achievements. The total number of transactions has surpassed 20,073,916, and the ecosystem has reached 1,353,557 blocks. At the time of writing, the average block time was recorded at a speedy 5.1 seconds.

Recall The Crypto Basic’s recent report about the benefits Shibarium would bring to Shiba Inu, including improved transaction speed and efficiency. 

Additionally, there are currently 13,359,576 wallet addresses within the ecosystem, representing active participation and engagement worldwide.

As the Shiba Inu ecosystem continues to make significant strides, the recent updates to Puppyscan and the surge in daily transactions are tangible evidence of Shibarium’s progress.

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