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xSPECTAR Considers Leaving XRPL Due to Lack of Support from Ripple; XRP Community Reacts


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A well-known NFT project on XRPL, xSPECTAR, weighs leaving XRPL due to lack of support from Ripple, sparking reactions from the XRP community.

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In a surprising turn of events, xSPECTAR, a realistic metaverse and NFT project on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), contemplates leaving the ecosystem due to a lack of support from Ripple. 

The matter became public when Mr. Intuitive, a well-known XRP influencer, took to Twitter to express astonishment at xSPECTAR’s potential departure from the XRPL. He questioned whether other community members shared the same sentiment. 

Mr. Intuitive also tagged Bob Way, a member of the xSPECTAR team, seeking his opinion. The tweet included a screen recording from a Twitter space discussion where Dirk Schepens, the founder of xSPECTAR, voiced his frustrations regarding the lack of support his project received from Ripple.

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xSPECTAR’s Issues with Ripple

During the discussion, Schepens expressed disappointment at the perceived lack of recognition from prominent players in the XRP ecosystem. He lamented that while xSPECTAR had made significant investments with a sizable team, it had yet to receive the support it deserved. 

Schepens criticized Ripple for backing what he deemed “useless” projects instead of supporting those actively building worthwhile ventures on XRPL. He confirmed the company’s plans to integrate with other chains but expressed reluctance to leave the XRPL. 

Yet, he noted that other chains and venture capitalists had actively sought xSPECTAR’s involvement, offering substantial financial incentives. Interestingly, the xSPECTAR founder threatened to publicize emails and messages if the situation did not improve. 

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Bob Way, a member of the xSPECTAR team, stated that Ripple had shown little interest in supporting their XRPL project. Way revealed that xSPECTAR had been rejected multiple times for XRPL Grants and the XRPL Accelerator program.

Nonetheless, Way underscored that the XRPL provided a strong foundation for xSPECTAR’s metaverse and confirmed the team’s commitment to building on the XRPL.

XRP Community Reacts

The news triggered a flurry of reactions from influencers and industry figures.

Jesse Hynes, a crypto lawyer, weighed in, pointing out that the lack of support for the community has been a long-standing issue with Ripple. He criticized Ripple’s choice of supporting specific projects for what he deemed as the wrong reasons.

A pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan expressed concerns about xSPECTAR potentially leaving the XRPL. Morgan believed it would be a significant mistake for xSPECTAR to make such a move and urged Ripple to recognize and support the project appropriately.

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