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Shiba Inu Community Rallies Behind Shibburn Bid for MrBeast Twitter Revenue


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Shibburn captures the Shiba Inu community’s attention with a counteroffer to MrBeast’s challenge, aiming to burn SHIB with MrBeast’s revenue.

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In a surprising twist, renowned philanthropist and YouTuber MrBeast recently got himself caught up in a challenge that has attracted members of the crypto community, specifically the Shiba Inu enthusiasts. 

The story unfolded when MrBeast took to Twitter, making an unusual offer to his followers. He tweeted, promising that the individual with the most liked reply to this tweet within 48 hours would receive his entire Twitter revenue for the upcoming month.

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Shiba Inu Community Reacts

Responding to this opportunity, Shibburn, an automated account monitoring Shiba Inu token burns, stepped forward with a counterproposal. 

“If we win, you have to send it as $SHIB to Shibburn.eth …so we can burn it,” Shibburn offered.

This unexpected turn of events captivated the attention of crypto enthusiasts, especially those aligned with the SHIB Army. Shiba Inu enthusiasts called on each other to give the utmost support to Shibburn’s reply. “We must emerge victorious, #SHIBArmy,” a Shiba Inu Twitter user remarked.

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At the time of writing, Shibburn’s tweet amassed 547 likes and a staggering 51.4k views. However, other comments on the Twitter posts have garnered more significant engagement.

SHIB Burn Update

Meanwhile, a previous update shared by Shibburn revealed that an astounding 16,205,792 Shiba Inu tokens had been burned in the preceding 24 hours in mere seven transactions. 

Notably, over 410 trillion SHIB tokens have been exterminated from the circulating supply, with 579 trillion still on the market. As the clock ticks down on the 48-hour challenge, the Twitter community eagerly awaits the outcome of the challenge.

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